"Solidarity Alliance" race to the top "Need Members"

Hi, my name is Dr. Tuppa and I am the leader of both “Deutchland” and “Solidarity” alliance. Currently we have neglected solidarity alliance and focused allot on Deutchland but now we want to rebuild solidarity once again and get it back to a top alliance. This can only occur due to recruiting new members. I would like all those who are interested to please message me your king name. All we require are the following

  1. King must be level 70 or higher

  2. Must donate 75k gold or more

  3. Must be active & loyal

That is all we can ask from a member at this point… Anyone who is interested please PM me. We also allow members to join Deutchland during war off season, so that they can enjoy the boosts we offer there. When members are strong enough we also swap members and allow them to assist us in alliance wars and feel the rush of fighting top 10 alliances… We are really trying to get Solidarity back on top so feel free to message me and ask any question if you have any concerns…