Solidarity is recruiting! Top 20

Hey guys, our alliance Solidarity is currently recruiting new members. At the time of this post, we are currently rank 19, and have an open slot. We are also very close to another slot too, so bring a friend :grinning:


  1. Be active and friendly. This is a game, and our #1 goal is to have fun. Try to be on at least long enough to donate and do a few alliance war battles each day. Participation in the wars is mandatory. Of course, real life comes for us all, and we understand this. Just let us know ahead of time.


  1. We have a really cool facebook where all our members interact and vote on important decisions, if you could join it we would be very grateful


  1. 150k or better donation is preferred. If our members choose to do so, they may vote to increase minimum. All big decisions are handled as a group


  1. 3500+ trophies is preferred. Less is fine, especially if you are at max tower. Ultimately, we plan to grow as a team, so trophies are only a guideline. Absolutely nothing below 3k tho, we are aiming for the top after all


Our alliance and leaders are very active, and enjoy duking it out with the big dogs. We welcome any new potential recruits :wink:

Updated requirements. Also, got a couple new slots, so keep em coming :wink:

Hey condor, not sure if you remember me but I was in your alliance while back.

I wasn’t able to get on due to technical difficulties but it’s fine now and I’d like to get back in if you allow me :slight_smile:

Shadow! Was wondering where you went lol. You are one of our oldest members Ill pass it along and pm you Tuppas info. Try to get him on Facebook if you can, that would prob be the fastest way :slight_smile: