Solution for idle workers?



So when you got plenty of workers and dont want a bunch of low level towers in your defense at the same time and all your castle buildings are maxed. It would be nice to be able to put the workers to some sort of work so they are not completely useless?

Maybe we should come up with some ideas to how and what


First thing that strikes my mind would be some sort of mines. Like say you have a gold mine or something and you can put your worker there and he generates gold over time that way he has some purpose although small.


Or maybe assign them to assist on farms slightly increasing the food production.


That way they would be helpful but they wouldnt in any way be overpowered or make big unbalanced issues for thoose who have many workers vs those who have few.

Would be nice to have them do something however small is better than just idling and they are after all WORKERS!