Solution to Flare on revamping the entire Conquest event

This is going to be a long post, so bear with me.


The ONE big problem that conquest has, that most players absolutely hate, is the need to get online 24/7.


I will start by saying this first. There is no amount of tweaking on SV that can make it less of a 24/7 event.


SV has to go. Period.


If SV is gone,  how different would it make Conquest to war?


The solution lies with a revamping of the entire event WITHOUT much tweak to, I believe, the coding behind the game.


The proposed revamp, step by step, is as follows:-

  1. Make an extremely large map where all alliances in a tier can fit.

  2. Make conquest lasts for an entire month.

  3. Get rid of the concept of SV. ALL battles, like war, last for 24 hours.

  4. With SV gone, there must be something that the troops must do. Make them a multiplier to skull perk instead. For example, a 500 troop hero will have a 10% SP on a battle.

  5. With SV gone, the same thing would be applicable to all towers. Make upgrading towers worthwhile by increasing the advantage on skull perk.

  6. With an extremely large map and all alliances within a particular tier to fit in the map, make ‘deals’ an official thing.

  7. To make deals an official thing in the game, create a team-up icon that players can see whenever 2 or more alliances join forces.

8  ) Create a huge pool of rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The ‘pool’ is the total sum of rewards, that will be distributed among the teams. For example, if one of the rewards is 20 pro chests, and two alliances team up, then each team will get 10 pro chests. If 3 alliances team up, then each team gets 6 pro chests only (rounded down. There will be wasted rewards if one were to not be careful on the number of alliances one team up with).


  1. Once 2 alliances team up, the team cannot be broken up until the end of the event, which will last for an entire month. If, for example, A and B team up, and C and D team up, AND if A and B wants C, they have to take in D too, making it a 4 alliances team up. In the above example, if team A, B, C, D win the Conquest, each alliance’s member will get 5 pro chests each.


  1. This means the more alliances one team up with, the bigger chance one might win, but will get lesser reward if they do due to it being distributed evenly. Also, since one cannot just ‘break up’ the deal, one must also be careful of ‘politics’ when making a deal. For example, if alliance A wants alliance B, but does not like alliance C who is already in a deal with alliance B, that will affect the decision on whether to team up.


  1. The tech tree does not have to revamp much, since energy and stones are still applicable. The only thing is to change any attack/defense multiplier into skull perk multiplier.


  1. The pace for Conquest will be much slower. The event will last for an entire month but not every day there will be battles. There will only be battles when war is declared, and that battle will last for an entire 24 hours. Since the map is also extremely large, the chances of a player being involved in the war that is declared is also much smaller, since everyone is spread out. BUT, in any event, as an individual player, he cannot get more than 1 battle per day anyway, due to Conquest mechanism, unless he is also defending as a Tower Guard, where on such occasions, it would just be a maximum of 2 battles on that particular day.


This means that the need to login for 24/7 will be absolutely eradicated.


  1. Since the pace for Conquest is much slower, it can coincide with any other ongoing events such as ninja or event the regular war. The scheduling can still be adjusted depending on players’ feedback.


  1. This proposal will also, at the same time, resolve the issue of ‘bad matchmaking’. There won’t be any issue of matchmaking if there is no matchmaking at all, since every alliance within a tier will be in one single huge map.


Getting rid of both the need to be online 24/7 and matchmaking, I believe this proposal will make Conquest a good event for everyone.


current conquest is really boring.

mostly waiting for reward only, no real war involved.

your idea is interesting and useful.