Solution to solve unfairness in wars



I’m in the alliance called petite alliance and we love the new update. However, there are many alliances cheating the balanced issue when it comes to choosing alliances participating in the war season. That means for an alliance in the rank 150s, we’re facing an alliance rank 40… so we’re getting destroyed, primarily because they have like 20 more people. I think the balanced system is perfect, it’s just the cheating that messes things up. so here are 2 proposals that you could do to solve that issue:


  • When someone leaves an alliance, they can’t join another one for a week  (or at least 3 days)




  • Alliances cannot recruit people during the war season


I hope you consider my proposal


Thanks :slight_smile:

They already fixed this. Once someone joins a new alliance, they have to wait for 30hr before they can participate (:

But I know that feel. I feel like RR2 should sort people based on alliance level, then on fiefdoms, so that every league includes people of the same level and fiefdom amount. Like us, for instance. I’m sure there are plenty of alliances who are both Lv.22 and have 16 fiefdoms. Why are we pitted against a Lv.14 on one side and a Lv.40 on the other?

They need to increase that number or use my second proposal because it’s clear the 30 hours doesn’t work.

And also make the balance thing choose alliances that are close in rank or have the same alliance levels!

The rank and the numbers of members should be a priority rather than fiefdoms =)

No, I definitely think that fiefdoms are a better display of skull than anything else. If you lose, you go lower to a place where you have a chance. If you win, you go up to a place that’s more challenging, and has better boosts. That way everyone gets to about their level.

Also, member count would be abused. People would kick their members, then reinvite them the next day.

All they really need to do, is match up the right people within the right fiefdom ranges. I’m sure there are hundreds of alliances who have 16 fiefdoms, how can none of those be the same level? Fiefdoms first, level second, and then that’s really all that’s needed.

I can’t believe how an alliance can kick its long time players for just to win those three my opinion alliance is about trust,friendship,respect,cooperation and sportsmanship.I had seen many alliances kicking their players just to win those boost.shame on them.

Alliance is all about trust and friendship which is much more important than anything in this if a leader is kicking its players just to win boost,he doesn’t deserve to be a leader.

That is ridiculous. The spread of rank between alliances in the war was up to 150 for us this time. I


t is impossible to compete with alliances that have 10 more members and 1000 more rank per member. Of course they get all the buffs in the end and become even more invincible. The matchmaking is broken as it is.

Recruitment of the new members must be delayed for the time of war, 30h is not enough aparently.


I will have to quit rr2 until they fix it. It is too unfair for my stomach :slight_smile:




I agree with you, but a good member should help it’s alliance achieve it’s goal if he/she can spare 10 mins. It may not be the 2% grinding, but 3 games a battle doesn’t sound too much to ask.


I still agree with you, sometime we may not be able to have even 10 mins. So I strongly suggest only best 80%-90% highest skull members count. 

Fiefdoms, alliance level and members rank, that’s the order I think it should follow.


I am not here to badger you, I just hope to open your mind to other ideas:


First, you can blame the leader all you want. There is no communication between the player and the leader before they are joined to the alliance so sometimes they do not read English. This makes it impossible to build “trust, friendship, respect, cooperation, and sportsmanship;” because communication comes first before all of these. Second, if the alliance discusses this option and the majority say, “Let’s go for it.” Is that still just on the leader? Finally, What if somebody goes inactive for a long period of time and their spot is needed. I would assume a kick should happen as they are not contributing to the alliance as whole. I hope this all helps.

If you went by alliance level then you’d possibly be paired with the same couple alliances over and over…


Even if alliance level only mattered for the first league eventually it would get to the same place it is now.