Solved ? brothers challange/players who changed team info


Dear Madlen. Thx for your affords to gift players who joined Brothers challange and sending 7000 gems is so generous and a kind solution. 

Some of players changed teams at that period. So i think to create this topic to give info to you about players who chanced teams or re-named their teams. 

As you guess i am one of them:

Ign:                  ? Hellslord ?

Alliance:    ? BOOMSHAKALAKA ?

Many thx. You are best CM ever ???

Hi Hellslord, thank you ?

I don’t need new Alliances names. We pay out the rewards based on the in-game name :slight_smile:

And I have already forwarded that IGN name list to the people responsible :slight_smile:

This was a very nice quest and we as players like challanges so much. Rewarding everyone is important also for boosting players who use forum and follow forum. I am happy also for lower lvl (newer players) dedicated players of every alliance get reward. It is important for them and for us. More happy, more dedicated players in terms of numbers will grow our community of this great game. And with gems they have a higher chance for growing their alliances …


No God can challange captainmorgan. If dare, they find us infront of him…

But hope they now start to make our madlen angry and repunishment will be necessary again ?

i also have new aliance now guys name - her0es my new team and my player name is doombringer. Also will be thankful if this gems prizes follow me there no metter of the delay hehe

In your participation post you say your name is IGN: Doombringer90

Have you changed it?