Some advice with Gems

Never got huge gems like this. close 3000. So I am totally lost what to do with them

1.Should wait to buy Progression Boost pack to obtain 4th and 5th worker?

2.Should I invest all in Alliance Hall of Uranus to up my donation?

3.Should I spend to unlock Heroes slots to make them stronger?

4.None of them and only use them to activated Celestial Boost or spend and upgrade decoration to level up Celestial Boost?

  1. Others stuffs like buy titan chest or expand my inventory space

too much stuffs. Some of you acquired 60k gems and know what to do with them. So what is the smart choice at Ascension 60?

What u mean some acquired 60k gems? 

Generally, 2000 gems is not that much, few small upgrades they will all gone! I normally use them for decoration things! Or it can give u 1 month celestial boost which also a good choice?

lol I think its tomaxo in one picture in War topic he have 68k gems. Not sure if he buy it or accumulated it. So that why I have said many know better what to do with gems :slight_smile:

I currently have 62K gems, not 68K. Maybe in a few months.

The following topics could give you some ideas:


To be honest, no one can tell YOU what is best for YOU to spend gems on. I have 5 workers and to me each was worth more than the last. Whatever suits you best at this stage of the game for you, is what’s best. I know that’s not the answer you are looking for… So I will go e you a few ideas.

  1. Power and unit slots. This made a significant difference for me.

  2. Getting a 4th worker really helped speed up progress. The 5th was delicious icing on the cake.

  3. Prestige. Getting to unlock 4 chests in vault, Zues/Hades cool down, third Oddysey choice, and +5 titan points were all worth it!

  4. Maxing out Helios was a huge bonus!

  5. Opening chests with Full resources. Someone said using gems to buy resources was stupid, but not always! It just depends… It may be that you are close enough to maxed out resources and you have chests to open, that you would have a net gain by using them.

  6. Maxing out Damocles. This had a huge impact on attack success, with nyx traps.