Some coloured texts are unreadable in 4''

As you can(not) see in the snaps, a “white text on bright lemon green background” combo, is not very eye-friendly. Actually, I believe that most of the time, my brain ‘fills’ the missing info and estimates the remaining time :stuck_out_tongue:

These are Lumia 520 screenshots resized at almost actual size. Have fun guessing the timers for me.



Yes a different color could be solve the problem.

In a website as i do, i easily write:


.upgradingbarname {

color: black;


and all normal text change in black color.

So they could write easily that instead of color: white;

but since i don’t know if it’s the same for a game, maybe they have to add some more rules.

However this shouldn’t be so complicated. Also time ago we asked to change color for chat in alliance and they did, so i think they can do also this simple thing  :grinning:

Add to that please the white on light yellow background  tiny-size display of elite boost levels in the elite boost menu. 


The effort for changing that should be next to zero. 



Btw this (both upgrade and boost lvl text color change) has been already suggested like 8 months ago (and also been forwarded to flare by the mods), still no changes happened… frustrating to see this!

Thank you for the post and the screenshots.

We are aware of the problem and we will try to fix it soon.




Seems that with the new patch 1.9.0 the text color of the time has a slightly black outline on the green background of the ugprades.

The current loot amount shown during a raid also has an outline now. Small change, but suddenly we can read what’s written