Some Conquest Feedback

Those attack oriented technologies are there to counter the defensive bonus: defense terrain, watchtower bonus and watchtower troops.

There’s also 1 defensive tech, the +50 troops for watchtowers and heroes.

Defending tech was available on the early map that had mostly desert terrain. The 6-sided map.

In this conquest i see again, the activity state is useless, i give some command to use it, and ~5/65 use it … this feature need really a rework.

I also think that the tech tree is to expensive, the last tech reseaches can’t reach without spending book with gems.

And all time some1 ask where to go and i ask whats your coordinates … a list of Player positions or a Player seach for map is required…

We are trying to make it a standing order in our alliance that anytime someone asks what to do that they give their current location.

and it works?

Some do it so it’s better than nothing… It try to remind after each time someone asks. It does sink in for those who bother to ask what to do (instead of those who just do what they want).

Still a little work to do with Matchmaking I guess. Still not perfect. The last one I did in Flaming Star was boring. We have face only 1 team during all 5 days. 2 teams was i don’t know on the map and 1 team was very low and close inactive when they have see they have 0% chance to do anything. 1100 for 3 team and 1700 for 1 team.

I really hope to see one day during a Conquest a fair matchmaking and able to have fun not just 1 team but vs 3 team who attack you close non stop

Another conquest in the books and the first one that I’ve really “led” for my alliance, more feedback:

You asked for things that don’t require a total rework, so I’ll try to focus on just that

  1. The ability to find a player and see who is online in an area of the map is absolutely horrible currently. Have the player’s location show next to their name in the chat list.  The game knows who is online and changes the color of their chat dot to green, change the color of their crown to green instead.  This way I could look at an area that needs help and see what players online are close enough to help.  Ideally I would like a menu for generals that shows a list of everyone in the alliance, their location, energy, level, and status (online/offline/in a fight already).
  2. Use team colors other than red and green.  We have colorblind players who say the whole map basically looks exactly the same to them.
  3. Rebalance the tech abilities.  The impact of the tech abilities varies so wildly and is not proportional to either their cost or their depth in the tree.  +1 troop rating is massively powerful and was easy to get and cheap.  But you have to research like 5 things to get “reduce movement cooldown 20%” which is just useless.  I’m already only waiting 1-2 min, 20% off that is a pittance.  The tower build techs are similarly unimpressive (-10% time, -10% cost)  The time reduction isn’t even applied to the whole build time!  It only reduces either the build time or the travel time.  There is just no comparison.  One thing makes your troops literally double the strength, the other gives you are 5% reduction in how long it takes to build a tower.
  4. Controlled territory does not reduce the travel time of your workers, which makes no sense and removes an element of strategy.  There is also no way to find out how long a tower will take to build unless you have someone on that spot AND you have a free worker.  I should be able to select any tile (or at least any player) and open the build dialog.  The confirm button should be greyed out until a builder is available.
  5. If you want to make conquest less time-intensive, increase the SV time multiplier and make it take longer to go down to 1x.  It currently starts at 8x and decreases for 10 hrs.  Make it 12x for 13 hrs (falling 1x per hour).  This gives people time to respond to attacks, but doesn’t turn every single fight into a 24hr slog.  Tile block changes the value of having the ability to get quick SVs.
  6. Create separate player ranks outside of conquest.  Alliances want to give people a higher rank to indicate they contribute or have been there a long time or whatever, but these same people do not necessarily have any idea how conquest works.  It doesn’t make sense to tie these ranks together. 
  7. Make a tutorial for conquest.  Every other game mode has one.
  8. Give information to ShadowsGuardian about all of the numbers behind conquest (build times, build costs, energy costs) so we can update the wiki and people can at least go learn if they want to!  Despite actively researching conquest online when I started playing RR2 3 months ago, I could find almost no information to help me understand it.
  9. Resource tiles should just passively generate resources as long as you control them, X per minute.  Collecting them is not fun or strategic, just another reason to be online 24/7.
  10. I don’t understand your matchmaking, and I assume it’s a VERY hard problem, but I just can’t imagine why it put one of the teams in our grouping.  They were similar only in alliance level, but had very few people and the ones they did have were lower level/trophy.  If it does use alliance level, that seems worthless, since you can have an empty lvl 45 alliance.  Maybe the whole thing slowly improves as teams get sorted to where they “belong”, but my last 3 have been either we crush or get crushed.
  11. The village and mine are way more important than the library because techs are weak, expensive, and take a long time.  All the % cost/time reduction techs are worth increasingly less as the conquest goes on, because you have fewer builds they will impact.
  12. The resource tiles shouldn’t be worth 20 points.  They are worth owning for zero points, so the 20 points just makes the matches even more uneven.  We could fight tooth and nail over the center tree for 20 pts, or just capture the mine in our quadrant for … 20 pts.  Makes no sense.
  13. The skull value of a base should not stop going up after lvl 95.  It just doesn’t make any sense that there is this arbitrary threshold where its no longer more rewarding and yet the bases still get astronomically more difficult.  I’m rewarded for fighting a harder base all the way up until lvl 95, and then after that it just stops for no reason.

This is probably harder than the rest, but…Give the ability for generals to move players who are offline.  It seems like most alliances have at least a few people who are willing to “lead” a conquest, and then a lot of people who don’t care, don’t like it, don’t listen, or just don’t have the time.  If generals could move the players around, then some people could just treat it like an Alliance War and just fight whenever they log in.  Maybe make it so people can opt out if they don’t want to be moved around or something.

It’s obvious that everyone on the forums has their own idea of how conquest should work, and some are complete opposites.  Some people want it to be even more like a real-time strategy game, while others want it to be more like alliance wars on a Risk board.  Given the way the rest of the game plays, an RTS-style Conquest doesn’t make much sense (even if I personally enjoy it).  It seems like the community overwhelmingly wants something a little less real-time.  

I can not tell you how many times I wished that I could move some of my players, because they just don’t have the time to be online, at a particular time. Communicating orders is a real struggle with some members, especially with language barrier. Some do not see (or maybe ignore) a flagged order. 

That’s another bunch of great feedback! Thanks!


Every time I see we are FORCED to do another Conquest event, my dislike for the game grows.

You are not forced to do Conquest.  Sorry its not your cup of tea.

But the event IS forced on us. And I can’t tell you how many people I talk to on here who loathe it.

No one like Conquest. We like only the rewards at the end. its the only reason people do it.

One day the devs might actually listen and either stop the Conquest event or reduce the frequency dramatically. The forums will then be filled with posts moaning at the loss of the chests and boosts. If you don’t want to take part in Conquest then don’t. I personally think it’s  a great event to earn gold, gems, xp  and finish with boosts and reward chests.

The Conquest is the best event in this game,with great rewards.It requires teamwork,good strategy and it is 1000000x more fun/better than regular war. Nobody is forced to play it. Everyone who does not like it should focus on other aspects of this great game (upgrading your hero,grinding trophies or fight for gems in leagues…) during this event,which is only once per month.

In what way is it forced? Will your account be suspended if you don’t participate? The game can be played without playing in Conquests. Not forced, sorry.

This up here is the “classic” argument most people say. I also think this is ridiculous.

Been saying this for months. That’s the only change that actually makes conquest playable the way its meant to be, and after that we could focus on fixing and balancing the rest of the game.

As it is, everyone keeps suggesting changes to a broken system.  If alliances have 60 pawns moving around constantly, it’s a whole different game, and we might find certain techs more or less useful than they appear to be atm. Example: Energy techs’ usefulness might change dramatically if you actually have control over the 60 players and move them smartly without all the inefficiency we currently experience.

As to your points on tech 3 and 11, we find tech much more important then the rest at tier 1, maybe this perception changes depending on tier/alliance levels. A bad tech decision might be our doom. Tech can be improved, but has been working fine as it is when it provides different approaches to different map setups. And its nice to have different tech setups as well for new conquests, makes us re-evalute our approach every time.

All i need is ability to prolong boosts .

thats all. This CQ is bad