Some difficulties... am i wrong?

Hello everyone,


i’ve just reached 1,400 trophies and have some troubles to get over. My main difficulties are when i facing opponents worth more than 200-230 medals (not to mention enemies worth more than these), are they impossible for me or am i wrong in something? I’m at throne room 7, upgrading other buildings (farms, academy ecc.) but i think this way i won’t never reach the 3M needed for throne room liv 8 (not to mention the 4,5M needed for the last level!). My hero is liv 48, Mainly use Firestorm (liv 6 cause i can’t afford the 2M needed for liv 7!!!), Swordrain (upgrading to liv 6), Heal (liv 6, it’s maxed at the moment), Knights + Frosters, gathering gems to get the third slot.


Any help will be appreciated.

get third spells and troops slot and just level up over time save up items to sell at once


use the FREE gold shield to effectively raid, plan your raids with your favorite list of people you CAN beat that offer good loot if you cant beat people take off any gold boost gear and get some with increases to speed, shields, leadership or hero scream


if your rather new you may not know it but hero scream is a powerful boost now

ahm nemesis it depends on how u fight with ur hero and how strong he’s base are… Buy a starter package that can fill in ur 3rdslot troops and spells… more smart spending gems… :grinning:

Thanks guys i’ll try, I won’t buy anything cause i’m a f2p player, i’ve gathered gems to buy the third magic slot AND the third worker, now i’m gathering for the third troops slot. So, the “starter package” is somewhat… “old”. ^_^

Just to say… thanks to this topic and some lucky raid… today i started the construction of liv 8 throne room! ^_^

Make use of that favorites list. Get a couple on there who give constant gold, and a couple who give good medals/trophies. I don’t keep anyone on my favorite list who I can’t beat without gems. Will take time and some failed raids to find em. Best thing I found to do is just scout the players immediately above and below your rank when you open up the leaderboard. If their base looks defeatable, give em a go. If you take it, add em to favorites. If not, then try the next batch of players when your rank changes.

Do not use knights and frosters, as this attack rarely workers on medium-to-upper level bases because knights do not have enough health and frosters do not do enough damage. I would suggest using cannons and any other unit of your choice. (The most common choices are: knights, arblasters, and frosters. Although occasionally someone chooses pyromancers.)

a good combo with cannons is archers as they are cheap and have a decent attack, tho not the best if the path has alot of choke points or paladins

I’ve gathered the third troop slot… not very useful or i’m missing something about it? I continue to use Knights + Cannons, i have also archers but i really don’t use them.

Archers at high level are interesting troops in medium level king (sometimes I still use them!)…don’t underestimate them…


Today I was in your city  :slight_smile:

Third troop slot is useless at your level. But as you level up cannon is a must for castle gate so you only have 2 slots really to change up things. All the scrollers out there can do whatever troop combo they want so don’t listen to them I’ve done it all barebones so I know.  Those two slots should be occupied by pyro or arb/ and paladin.

The days of knights are long over for me I haven’t seen them for 3-4  months now.


The pyro if he has mortars/ otherwise arbs, they’re like salt to a slug to mortars as are paladins which are best used for cannon fodder,  lots of health.


This will get you into the top 1000 players.


I haven’t maxed out my archers but I hear they are competitive because you can spawn so many. Max them out though.

Yeah i noticed the third troop slot it’s almost useless at my level, but i bought it so… “it’s too late”. My main problem are the towers throught the bases i encounter, it’s impossibile do them only with the king and leave the units to my troops. So i have to use cannons and knights (knights are the meat shield basically), maybe paladins but they are SO DAMN SLOW!!!.


However i noticed that i reallt can’t get over bases are worth over 230-240 medals (at my level of course, ), if a base worth more than that i simply skip it, cause i already know i won’t reach the castle gate.

I wonder if this is “normal”, also because MOST of bases i encounter are over this value so… skip skip skip to the moment i found a “raidable one”. Obviously i have the favorite list, but also they ehm… play so they gather strenght and become “unraidable”.


Actually i’m at liv 55, 1900 trophies around, just upgraded throne room liv 8! I have a whole castle to upgrade (the other buildings where already maxed out based on throne room liv 7, so i have farms already at 11, which is not bad)