Some friendly bets with alliance members and friend

should be nice to be able to make bets of somekind with your Alliance members at least during wars that should be awesome!!!

i don’t get your point 

Its not his fault like many the English its not the first language. I think he try to said something like :

Should be nice to be able to have pets of something like that in your Alliance. At least during wars that should be awesome!!!

i don’t get your point either 

its not hard to understand this guy make a suggestion to add in this game pets you can use during War or Familiar. A creature you can have on your side like a dragon,or dog,a frog or whatever,etc…You never play a game with familiar or pets or Eidolon? its a creature who fight on your side with you 

I think he wants to gamble with members and the one who wins gets the reward. Sounds like a poker game feature he wants inside the game. For gambling and placing bets, we have the blacksmith. Please no more gambling features.

oh ok if his that maybe he must play a Poker game for gambling? or a lottery game? Royal Revolt 2 its not the game for that

Lols, how wrong… RR is totally a lottery and gambling game now … the blacksmith saw to that!!!

if you have say this in 1.9.5 maybe I believe you but not now with the second success feature there is no more gambling in Blacksmith or you don’t use this feature and fail like 5 times in a row because you leave to say that

now i understand

Its not the failure rate, its the items you get on the perk … I know people who have been forging since day one of the BS update and still have no skull perk on a cape or a belt. That’s the lottery of it.

i try getting a skull perk on my king and never got it


i wanted to see how it works


its simple if you raid someone during War Season and the guy give you I don’t know 980 without skull perk if you have skull perk that up the skull you gain at 990 or 1000 depending of the % you have. that why people complaining and want the skulls disappear from this game since many months. Its no more Win with honor devise its now You have Skull Perk you win

Yes same here I forged my sword many times for Snell peark but I didn’t get the same. I lost many pearls during this process but I didn’t get. But thanks to RR2 they refund my pearls as I got failure msg for 4-5 times. And thanks to Warriornator for his suggestion. Very useful.