Some great news....for "me and me alone", I guess lol

Alrighty, so in a crazy turn of events, my bro was able to get RR2 and is currently playing and I’m helping him get the hang of things. IGN is Lord French Fry. 

If you guys could friend him and give him some tips and tricks that I may not remember or know, that’d be great, thanks! Pretty sure he won’t be joining us here on the forums, but, who knows? I joined the forums after 3 months, so, I’ll give him some time :slight_smile:  

IMPORTANT: The name does end with a period!

Remember, I will get back in the game to check out 4.0 and also to help out my bro. Flaregames, you better make 4.0 good, cause I may very well continue in the game if you can nail this one

Sent friend invite.

Best tips I can give is : Don’t play this game. It will only frustate you in long run. The customer service is poor. You better find a better game. All the best. 

Oh, he has, trust me, he has

Oh! What an awesome news! It will totally reborn this game. One more player is coming??


and the news AK will join game soon is so amazing! I will open champagne! Like a red day of calendar 

In this game, one more player truly is a miracle lol

Stop spamming. 

dont care if ur bro or ur aunt start playing the game. Post these things in ur alliance 

Wow… calm down satan.

Don’t care? Give it a read but don’t post anything.

It’s always to have some fresh players and he just wants to help him get in the loop.

Then his brother should posted it in help section. General discussion is not the place

and how its “great news” ?  It just pure spamming nothing else

How would most people feel (excluding some like u)  if I post new topics in general discussion everytime if my friends/relatives install royal revolt 2 in their devices? 

If a player need help he should post “himself” with  clear topic heading  not some bs like great news, everything is awesome etc. 

I certainly wouldn’t act like this lol. But whatever, you can say what you want. If you made a topic like this one I would be glad to help out, cause that’s the kind of person I am, I was hoping that some of the more experienced players could give him some tips. You don’t have to if you don’t want, but this isn’t spamming. Speaking of which, I’m sorry if you think this is spam and if you think the title is BS. I was quite excited about helping him out and for me, it was great news, and I thought it might be, for you guys too, cause right now nobody has anything to do in the game, so this would give you something.

Oh, by the way, what’s your IGN?

Normally, I would be mad at you for posting another Cromka comment, but, I’m in a good mood, I’ll give you a pass  

Shubham, just another real quick comment, I’m not the one spamming, YOU ARE! You are hijacking the thread telling how this is all just a bunch of BS. This isn’t spam, but perhaps it is only in the wrong section, even though I do believe it should stay in General Discussions. I was making an announcement while asking for some tips on the side

He is right. None care about you, your brother, your mother, sister and etc

why you did this post in general? Its a really spam

Am not sure how is this the Great News for the community as you’re trying to portray it. It’s only Great News for you and you alone, making this post hella misleading.

Great news! The guys agree with me! 

Topic title is quite strange.

Is he younger or older?

You will have to forgive Cromka’s rudeness. For if it doesn’t benefit Cromka or VL, he deems it worthless. What he fails to remember is, that if and when there is no more RR2, our legacy in this game will result in a big fat nothing. No one will care who was top player or alliance. No one will remember me, you or anyone else, and I am perfectly fine with that. So enjoy having your bro in the game and getting to be a mentor. Remember ALL, this is a game and games are meant to be fun.

So says Shubham, the king of spam.  

I even will say more.

even now the top alliance or top player are just nothing??its just a game