Some information on some questions/concerns from multiple threads

Hi there Olympians,

I wanted to keep you in the loop about some things. I saw some questions/concerns/complaints :grinning:

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1. New live server update

The new live server update will be out in approximately 2 weeks (subject to change) and it will add new maximum levels for everything in the game. #hypetrain ?

2. Trophy situation

We become aware of complaints about the current trophy situation. We will reduce the difficulty of islands and will continue to tweak the matchmaking. This will be part of the upcoming live server update as well.

We will however not tweak the cost of cursing uniques.

3. Life on hit problem with the gate keeper

We will try to fix the life on hit problem with the gate keeper. However, this will not be in the upcoming server update because it needs a client update. I cannot give you an estimate for when this will be out yet. Once I have more information I can share, I will for sure do so! :slight_smile:

4. War rewards / War blessings

We will have a look at what will be rewarded (Thanks to everyone who participated in the thread I have opened for this), but we will not change the war blessings.

5. Top players

Devs became aware of complaints, that some users felt that the top league is impossible to reach. We want to underline that the difference between the top league vs the second league is 1 blessing. The game’s top players are in the top league of the game. We believe, that to reach this point takes impeccable skill and time and hence think that these players should be rewarded with something tangible and desirable.

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These are some updates and dev stances I could share for now.

Stay tuned for the upcoming answers to the dev QA end of October and I wanted to use this chance as well to make you aware that our Halloween event is still going strong in the event section of the forum.

If you want to discuss this, you can so here:

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