Some Information on Upcoming Conquest Changes

Dear players,

I wanted to keep you in the loop about some news regarding the Conquest.


  • We will make some changes to the matchmaking that will base the matchmaking not only on the previous Conquest scores but also on the strength of Alliances. This should guarantee a better Conquest experience for players.

Scheduling of Wars, Ninjas, Conquest:

  • Since the introduction of Conquest, these events were a bit irregularly scheduled. This will improve with the next months again and we will introduce a more regular schedule again.
  • We are aiming for a 3 weeks rhythm for the Conquest.
  • Please keep in mind that with the next upcoming Conquest Conquests will last 5 days (over the course of 6 calendar days).

If you want to discuss this news with us, please do so here:

Thank you,


Hi there, I wanted to make one thing more clear.

We are not only aiming for a 3 weeks circle for the Conquest, but also for Ninja and Wars.

So it will be Wars ->Ninja->Conquest->Wars->Ninja->Conquest…

I hope you will enjoy the new rhythm.