Some interesting ideas for new runes?

Here are some things I’d like to see in new runes:-

  1. Unique Rune for weapon – cleave. It gives AOE effect to the King when he attacks. The percentage of that AOE scales with the rune level.

  2. Unique Rune for Necromancer – advanced necromancy. It gives Necromancer the ability to summon skeleton mages (or archers) (Just like good old classic Diablo 2)

  3. Unique Rune for Archer – split shot – Archer fires 2 arrows with maximum of 50% of its original damage for each arrow at level 1. At level 2, it becomes 3 arrows with 35% maximum damage each, and so on.

  4. Unique Rune for Froster – Ice wall – When a dragon is summoned and as it breathes ice breath, it leaves a path of ice wall that slows anyone within it. Slow effect scales with Rune level.

  5. Unique Rune for Pyro – Fire Wall – Same thing as froster, but fire wall leaves a path of fire that deals additional D.O.T to whoever is within it.

  6. Unique Rune for Mortar – Acid Bomb – Imbue mortar with acid property that wears down the resistance of enemy. Starts with maximum of 5% and scales with level. This means a maximum of 30% reduction in resistance, i.e. if a unit has 50% resistance, after getting hit by Acid Bomb, it goes down to 20% if a full level 6 rune is equipped.

  7. Paladins – Thorns Aura-- Deals 5% damage of what it receives. Scales with level to a maximum of 30% at level 6. This can make Paladins a very interesting and viable option for defense, as players won’t simply cast spell or King may die from its own spell.

  8. Ogre – Boulder smash – Gives Ogre an ability with cooldown to throw a boulder with a range of 5.5 that deals the exact same damage and AOE of what it would’ve dealt with its melee attack. The cooldown scales with level, starting from 10 seconds.

  9. Arblaster – Ricochet – Gives Arblaster to have its arrow ricochet once at 50% of its damage. Leveling up allows it to ricochet more times, but each ricochet deals another 50% of where it ricochets from. (Sort of like Warcraft’s huntress moonglaive, or Luna from Dota).

  10. Mummy – Tombstone – When a mummy dies, a tombstone appears, with its own hp, and if it doesn’t get destroyed within a certain amount of time, it revives the mummy that got killed. Boosted mummy that died will still spawn knights, while the tombstone appears as well. In offense, the revived mummy appears instantly beside the King. Level 1 Rune starts at 8 seconds and cooldown scales with level.

  11. Monk – Regeneration Aura – Each monk has its own regeneration aura, just like a heal ring. Level 1 rune starts with 50 hp per second. (That means 10 monks will give 500 hp regeneration within its radius, which is still lesser than one single heal aura ring. BUT, it gives the viability now to at least replace the ring with an offensive aura with this monk combo instead)

  12. Viking – Block – With its big shield, this rune gives a chance to block normal attacks (not spells), from either King, unit, obstacles or towers. May start at 3% at level 1 going up to 18% at max level. (too low?)

  13. Gargoyle – Flashbang – adds a flashbang effect to gargoyles, causing normal attacks to miss. Level 1 starts from 3% at level 1, scales up to 18% at maximum level (lower percentage cause gargoyles are already super powerful) (If developers implement this, just add the mechanics. PLEASE do not add more visual effect to the already lagging game)

  14. Cannon - Double shot – Gives cannon a chance to fire 2 shots instead of 1. May start at 5% and scales up to 30% max level.

  15. Arrow tower – Piercing shot – Increases the size of the arrow, where anything it touches receive full damage, i.e. if it fires at a group of knights, all the knights that got hit by the arrow receives full damage. Size of the arrow scales with Rune level.

  16. Bomb Tower – Big Explosion – Increases the size of the AOE significantly, which scales with rune level.

  17. Frost Tower – Freeze – Chance to freeze any enemy, including King, starting at 5% at level 1, with maximum of 30%. Frozen target cannot do anything for 2 seconds. The chance to freeze checks every second under the tower, i.e. an Ogre stands under the tower, max level 30%, didn’t get freeze on 1st second, then it will check again after 1 second on the same probability of 30% or whatever percentage you have on the rune.

  18. Gargoyle Tower – gargoyle mode – If the tower goes down to a percentage of health and does not get destroyed instantly, it does what a mythical gargoyle does, stones up and heals itself. Starts at 3% and scales up to 18%. During “gargoyle” mode, it will constantly regenerate 5000 hp per second until it has full hp again (or otherwise gets destroyed). A good counter to players who uses army instead of spell during raid.

  19. Firebolt Tower – Assassinate – Gives the tower a cooldown ability to have a global range on firing a 1000 damage fire arrow on the King. Starts with 10 seconds cooldown and scales with rune level. With only 1k damage, even if you place 22 firebolts in a base, you can’t one shot a king if the king just easily equip some fire shield runes in his items. However, a good mixture of firebolts with assassinate abilities can really make a good challenge for a king.

  20. Snake Tower – Infectious – Gives snake tower 2% chance at level 1 to infect incoming enemy units. Scales up to 12%. Ticks every second like froster tower idea above.

  21. Lightning Tower – Overload and recharge – When it gets destroyed, it releases a lightning nova that deals 500 damage per charge left that it did not get to release. Damage Scales up to 1100 damage per charge (means maximum of only 6600 lightning damage if LT has full charge, a little more than what a boosted and heavily forged LT can deal per attack (5k plus). Also, it has a second ability of recharge, if LT doesn’t attack for a duration, it starts to recharge and regain charges. Level 1 starts with 10 seconds to recharge one charge when it is not attacking, cooldown scales according to level.

  22. Heal Tower – Dispel – Gives Heal tower an additional ability with cooldown to dispell enemy with beneficial buffs, as well as cures any ally unit that has negative debuffs. i.e. enemy units with howl gets its howl effect dispelled, while ally units that got infected, confused, feared, etc etc gets dispelled from it. Rune level 1 starts with 10 seconds and scales with level.

  23. Basilisk Tower – Stone Armor – Gives Basilisk Tower an ability with cooldown, that only gets triggered during its medusa form, to add armor to all surrounding towers and units. Good combo as a corner that that helps toughen up the cluster of towers around it.

Final note: Please have these effects at level 1, and adjust the scaling so that its not too powerful at early stage, but those with level 6 still get what they deserve. We want to enjoy the content when it is released. It’s not about it being powerful, but fun to play with, adding gameplay as well as depth to the game.


Oh hey LacunaC,
wow thanks for this long list! You really put some thought into this! Nice.

Madlen could you please confirm what is the highest level runes that could be found raiding and in chest? :thinking:

As always, it is LEVEL 1. You have to collect more level 1 runes (5) to get it level 2. And then, same way, goes on.
3125 runes in total to get a rune level 6.

Nope, that’s not true.

It has been already confirmed by some people, that you can find (at least) level 3 runes while raiding.

It it is so, that’s incredible. I have always found only level 1 always…

Yes me neither.

My guess is that the chance to get higher level runes may be related to:

  • Number of Rune production slots we have

But this is just a guess, since I have just 2 slots unlocked.

Yeap people have found 3lvl runes. I personally found just 2lvl but that’s why I wanted to double check with Madlen

Hey, we have not disclosed any information about that, so I also won’t do that now :wink: .

But let’s keep this discussion on the topic of the rune ideas LacunaC provided.

I don’t like the idea of adding more different kinds of runes. The more different kinds there are, the longer it will take to get enough of the same kind to make at least a lvl3-4 and actually start using them…
So adding special ones for every single tower or unit will just make the whole rune-system stay inactive for the next two years (all we can do for now is save the runes and hope we can get enough of the same kind)

That’s why I’ve been giving feedback to Flare to activate all effects on level 1, or at least from level 4 onwards. (Preferably level 1, just need to make the effect to its minimum, but still enjoyable)

This doesn’t diminish those who still want to go after level 6 since they will have the maximum effect of the runes. Lower level rune players still get to enjoy the gameplay too. It’s really a win-win.


Level 3 was found in battle … more i don’t know

i don’t like the ideas that all new features can only be added by runes.
This can take years before you get them.

The idea with the unit upgrades would be for the next levels to strengthen the defense.
The offense is too strong at the moment anyway.

If I’m not mistaken, he misses … the Skull Tower, I propose:

Skull Tower- Frozen Bomb - Bombs coming out of the skull tower become icy, which in addition to doing damage could also slow advrses troops. One can also imagine that the duration of the jet of bombs is longer.:wink: