Some players buy already island weapons

For example the first of the world has a shark weapon. He is more powerful That other Players so can he loses his weapon to the moment ? Or we Can have This weapon since the update ?

You can have these weapons since the update, in uber chests :grinning:

ok thx for the speed answer and good Luck with the ninja problem, which are very strong to make the server lags ?

I got pearls as my uber item in the last chest…

Seen the shark in the hands of other players. It looks very funny. Most probably it has a smell perk, which kills all the troops around (including your own) for a radius of 1km, as soon as the king enters the base. I want this smelly fish too… :slight_smile:

it gives speed boost + slowdown perk 

Scary idea that 90% speed boost (or even more) might be possible now. I imagine one would be able to zap 7 towers in 1 sonic blast + dodge 100% of bombs from bomb tower


Yes I agree with You weapons come very cheated, but the towers with pearls improvements are cheated too.

The current combo of gears you can create with all those unique uber items make the forgings on towers/obstacles/troops practically obsolete…

This has become a game of noob developers with no balance in mechanics. Just thrown away overpowered gears for whatever money they can get without even thinking of balance. Looks like the game is dead at top level.

Are you guys serious? Zapping like 7 towers with 1 sonic?

That’s never going to happen or are you forgetting that there are still Barricades? When will you ever get the change to run pass 7 towers to hit them all with 1 sonic without getting blocked by barricades? It will only happen when there are no Barricades… Makes that scenario highly unlikely to happen.

Btw, you can already hit like 7 towers with a sonic already, when you’re considering the U-Turn :grinning: