Some random feedback on multiple stuff

So, it would be nice to get a view from flare on the following topics:


  • Anything planned for those that are unused?
    Ex: XP token on lvl 130 players. Insta troop token.

  • Medal token: with it’s high drop rate as treasure, it became obsolete. Now you just keep a medal token active 100% of the time. If everyone has it, then its the same as not having it at all.

(I personally got 20 medal tokens for instance. Thats 60 straight days of medal boost)


  • The high drop rate of tokens has made them pointless on festivals. (A player would most likely get more tokens from raiding regular players then from raiding festival bases to get festival coin and then buy the tokens)

  • Other drops feel like a rip off mostly. 1-5 gems, 10 pearls, 30k gold, 15 pet food, 40 bread. They all count towards the daily limit of treasures, thus taking place of possible rune drops, which are the most desired treasure atm. Something that was meant as a nice addition, now is something to try and avoid during battles (really, it is like a minefield now where you have to avoid running close to the “bad” treasures). Makes no sense at all.

Either increase the value per drop of gems, pearls, , gold, pet food, bread, or completely remove them from dropping as treasures.

Pearl demand

It skyrocketed with recent updates, and currently the only way to get them in quantity is by raiding 500 trophy players on luck gear with hans, which is a terrible way to interact with the game. No one wants to waste hours doing it, and also it is a huge encouragement for bots (the only relief is bots doing so at least don’t affect other players experience directly).

Any hopes we can get more entertaining ways to make pearls?

Or maybe give us the option to melt tokens and runes, so players have more choice as to where they want to focus their growth on - short term and forges, or long term and stronger runes


You have all the negative feedback, and yet refuse to come forward and talk to us. It is a huge money sink, and if this is what it takes to keep the game alive, at least have the decency to tell us. I’d be fine with having to put up with conquest as it is, because it is what sustains the game financially.
I’m not fine, however, with trying multiple times to provide feedback and help the game, only to be met with dead silence from your part.

Either you want help in improving this thing, or you just plan to keep it as it is. If it is the latter, save us from the constant disappointment of wasting our time discussing it. It’s been months with no word on it at all. Is it polished enough on flare’s view?

After 1 year running, do you consider conquest a success? If so, why?


I too would like to hear feedback on conquest. Pouring gems into a hole. And life as well. No improvements. No discussion [except from player aka payers]


Hi bolhas,
We love how engaged our players are and I appreciate you reaching out here to inquire about these things. We know that these are important matters and I think you summarized them very nicely.

We continue to read the ongoing feedback on here and are very grateful for it. I apologize that it may seem like we are not engaging a lot at the moment, it is because we are very busy with the current ongoing service of the game and the production. Rest assured it is not like that, the feedback is forwarded daily, considered and very valuable to us.We are a small development team and we are doing our best. But developing things takes time :slight_smile:.

Here is short breakdown. Please understand that I cannot go into more details at the moment.

Tokens - feedback is considered, and regarding the XP token, we agree that we need to see what we can do for players at level 130.
Treasures - feedback is considered, we will evaluate it (also not just now but from the topics from the past as well)
Pearl Demand - feedback is considered
Conquest - Conquest was definitely our most discussed game mode but we have received countless positive feedback and feedback where we still can improve Conquest even further. We appreciate that players take so much time to discuss it. The feedback is not lost but is sitting with the developers.
However, a complete Conquest overhaul would be a huge undertaking, which is rather unlikely to happen anytime soon, however that doesn’t mean the feedback is worthless or that such an overhaul will never happen. We will always refer back to those topics on the forum. Just to give you some background: When evaluating your ideas, we always look at the amount of effort that would be needed in order to realize a good suggestion. If something is indeed “doable” within the planned schedule of a version, there is always a chance it will make the cut. Some things on the other hand, may sound like a small change, but in reality are not.

Thanks again for reaching out! I hope this could clarify some things.
Have a nice day.

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It surely wouldn’t take much effort from the team to revert the blacksmith speed back to where it was before you nerfed it :wink: Or to redraw the recent change to palflute…


Yep…thinking the same!

Thanks for the reply!

Here is some more feedback under Raiding category:

  • Warning about the beast coming is placed exactly on top of heroes health. To those that play without shield, those 3-5 seconds without seeing the bar are devastating. Please move warning or have health bar be on top off all artifacts. It happens on the mobile phone, PC is fine to me

  • Mouse cursor still disappears depending on the effects on screen. Making it bigger helped but didn’t completely solve the issue. Maybe making it different colors would help.

  • Dark backgrounds make playing the game outdoors impossible on the phone. Please allow us to either “disable” them or completely remove them from game. Or enable them only during nighttime for each players own GMT, which would be the hardest fix quite possibly haha.

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Another option would be to have the chosen background of a player selected when you attack another castle. As one has chosen this background, he/she really must love it, so it should be shown to them as much as possible. As we see with the current event, the background can be changed easily. We have to raid once again in complete dark …

That way everyone can have the look the way he/she prefers, would be a win for everyone. Also would help players who have a seeing handicap.

The dark layout makes it not only hard to raid on phone, also on PC it is next to impossible outdoors.

Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose of players selecting their own environment. Consider this, what’s the point of earning celestial plains when anyone who attacks you can just change it to Highland Meadows? Yes, you still get to see your own background, but you don’t get to flex that you have enough crystals to spare on a background.

Also @bolhas

Yes, dark environments are harder to see outdoors, many players deliberately take advantage of this fact. Nobody is forced to raid anyone. If you really want to do so, just attack them later.
It should also be noted that dark BGs are not the only places where things are hard to see. Highland Meadows, Haunted Forest and Northland have a lot of trees which can be used to make towers and chokepoints less noticeable. It is these same trees that make the environment look convincing. In the same way, the darkness in places like graveyard is necessary for them to be convincing. Imagine if graveyard was as bright as Golden Desert or if Sakura Valley was as dark as the dungeons. Would you be convinced that you were in a graveyard or a valley?

People using dark backgrounds is almost like them saying “Go away, don’t touch my base!”.

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The choice of the background is another part of the defense. This should not be able to be manipulated by the attacker.


I completely disagree with background being a part of defense.

It is as if we could also define the contrast or brightness level of our defenses, so as to make it harder to see.

Some backgrounds create issues with visibility and affect gameplay. Not being able to see stuff is not part of building “strong defense”.

In my mind, backgrounds should act the same way as troop skins - they should exist just for the sake of aesthetics, to give players customization power without hampering gameplay

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Well, looks like I have a different opinion why you should be able to change the background/object skins. I think it should be to make the game look the way YOU want it to look when you play, not for others. And: bragging rights about you having enough crystals to buy a background? C’mon …

But that’s not what backgrounds (as the name says) should be for. Same goes for skins. Winning or loosing should not be dependent on the ability to see something. It should be based on the skill of the attacker against the base.

Guess you never played any competitive game. Using skins that make you hard to see are most of the time not allowed, there is a reason why brightg skins exist for tournament. The defender should never be able to manipulate teh visibility. Winning or losing should be dependent on skill, not on taking advantage of low contrast.

If I follow your logic, I would like to be able to force anyone attacking me to only see a 4:3 view of the game and not 16:9 or even wider view. That way attackers would not be able to see incoming troops/beasts soon but only just when they are in front of them.

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Another suggestion:

  • put favorite button on the first screen, not hidden. As it is, we have to click - drag - click to get to a section that is meant to be a quick access feature. Would be much better if after raiding, I could directly click on favorites and choose another opponent
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If it was up to me, favorites could be removed. I don’t like to bully a player by constantly raiding him time after time like some do. I don’t see any fun in raiding same players 3 times per hour, multiple times a day.

I honestly have only a player inside it, who used to have me in his favorite list, but never use it. When I need gold, I just look for players in a certain trophy range. Otherwise I just let matchkaker decide.


That’s because the game system encourages it.

Put on your most useless but most rewarding gear (i.e. filled with treasure hunter perk + as many luck perk or whatever perks you want that are non-battle enhancing), you get to fight the same opponents again and again. The risk is then reduced when you use favourite as opposed to matchmaking, due to the amount of trophy lost if there is a failed raid. The things you farm for won’t be better either using matchmaking (i,e, it’s not like you will get higher chance of finding hidden treasure or better chance in cof if you use matchmaking).

In other words, low risk, same reward, why would anyone choose matchmaking over favourite under normal circumstances?

The funny thing is, these days, due to medal token, it’s even more rewarding to raid favourite list as opposed to matchmaking if you are looking for medals, UNLESS you are in top 10. If you are in top 100, it’s only 25%, but the opponents may give you way lesser medals as opposed to you picking the highest opponents in rival teams with your medal token switched on.

In other words, there are really not much circumstances in which it is better choosing matchmaker compared to favourite list at the moment.


click-left-click :slight_smile: