[Some random guy's unimportant quitting thread]


There’d be so much to say now, but I don’t want to make one of my detailed long posts again this time, so I’ll try to keep this one short… and basically, all that matters here now, everything that is important for this topic, boils down to a tiny single sentence: 


2014 I enjoyed RR2, 2015 I enjoyed Todesritter, The Swedish Crown and a few dear friends elsewhere, thank you for the time   :wub: 


I might choose to wander through the highland meadows of the royal realms ingame or on the forums in the future sometimes, but from now on don’t expect my steady presence, or any presence, for that matter… 

For those who want to stay in contact, I will empty my inbox so you can PM me, and a few selected people know where to reliably find me outside the game… 



So… before this turns into long again, good bye for now, RR2… 



One last thing, as stupid as it may sound, please like this post if you think you might miss me, and share it if you happen to know someone else that might miss me… and sorry to all those who got no personal goodbye message elsewhere, despite they’d deserve it.  :slightly_frowning_face:

I think i should read this with the music in the background right ?  :wink:

Also as soon as i red the title saying “quitting”… ehm somethin is wrong with this thread … ^^

Well i can say that even if you wrote some long posts i always red everything all simple because if you don’t read all entire sentence you couldn’t understand its meaning ^^

How could i stay without someone with such knowledge =/ however for everything there is time and time and from a side in my opinion you have did the right choice, also because i think most of things you have already experimented, done and had a great time with every single piece of this game and also especially with people (in game and forum too) and i can only say you that i’m happy that you find good people and good place where stay, also i don’t know if i will see you again so i will say you only:                      see you…soon  :grinning:  



Sad to know you are leaving, we will stay in touch though, unfortunately for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I am glad I got to know you in this community, even if it was for a short time!


Take care, and good luck in your real life :slight_smile:

(And don’t think you escaped me) 

you will be missed heroes!

Dude, at least make sure to make presence in the forum someday, you have much knowledge that can be shared and your opinion here is always accurate and important, if you just leave forever, you’ll leave us with a blank space  :slightly_frowning_face:

Ahaha… you think so? Would rather be the other way round :grinning:

Aww Floppy Bird. Makes me sad to hear that you are leaving. And yes, I am sad even though you tell me not to be.

I know we will stay in touch on some other platform now that you are quitting. This means I will not get any more vouchers from you :slightly_frowning_face:

thought you’d never leave this game lol




Your voice here, more than anyone else by far, is what always has drawn me to this forum.

I learn so much from you.


Thanks for being my Teacher, Flo!




I don’t really post that much on the forum, but I do read almost every post, and your answers, however long, are always right on-spot and detailed.

Good luck.


I dont read ur long post

But definitely i like u :slight_smile:


Heroes, I’ve said a quite a few goodbyes the last few months in this game, but this one is different. You are, in my opinion, the greatest contributor on this forum since the very beginning, a skillful and knowledgeable player with a sincere interest into making this game a great one, and most importantly you are a great, honorable, honest individual. 


I hate to see you leave dear friend. This forum will be much more lonely without you. 


Makes me sad but I’m wishing you the best in your next adventures! Till next time hero!


Why why why why???

No wonder why I can’t find your LONG LONG LONG LONG post anymore…

i will surely miss your detailed, comprehensive, meticulous comments and post…

I love reading all of them…

good bye my dear friend…

Hope in the near future you come back playing this stupid game…lol

Hope to see you back here after you take a break and recharge.

lol wut is this guy^^