Some spells are just too weak - Please Fix! - Poison, Shield, Blizzard, Stun, Hammerstrike

Poison was my favourite till i acquired bladestorm. Always used that for paladins and also for arblasters when I was a midlevel player. All towers have poison resistance so that is not much useful at higher levels but I feel like Ogre seem to be having some hidden weakenss to pioson too. Some time mortors are having a good effect on ogres but nothing like arblasters to counter them.


Swordrain especially and Hammerstrike are making a come back. I guess you need to be atleast 80 + king for that. After I max my heal spell, I will concentrate on sword rain. Sheild and Blizzard are the only spells that are still at level 2 for me. I never saw a single attack with shield till now. I atleast saw very few using blizzard now and then.


@Killemog visits me often with Hammerstrike and is quite successful. So yes you play with what you are comfortable. As for as monsters, I am having more success with Ogre-4 than mummy-3 in attack and I havent come accross anyone using Ogre for attack on me yet. So I guess it depends on each persons style as to what you use.

Just like in other games, everything boils down to the usage of the final spells because to simply out it… They are the strongest. Why use a knife when you have a machine gun?


The final spells are shield, bladestorm and sonic blast. Don’t see shield used that much. A lot of players use heal - the fifth final spell.

It’s probably more correct that people choose the spells that fit their playing style best and promise them the most success.

If you have a screw you should probably use a screwdriver instead of a hammer to put it in…

Go ahead don’t use sonic blast and bladestorm



 Your forgot to mention shield.

Poison is always weak.Every tower and barricade has resistance against it.

lmfao nice

starting a new account on PC , would be fun to experience what lower level king are going through with the weaker towers and spells.I don’t remember it being so hard that I need to complaint in the old forum about the spells being weak and sucks.

For me it feels bad enough swapping between 21% speed boots and other ones as the hero starts to feel retarded :grinning:

Did I say you have to use all? Lol I just said it all boils down to the use of final spells. Shield as everyone knows just sucks.

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Everyone failed to explain why the poison shield sucks -original poster

Well the reason for that is simple: Poison just doesn’t^^

It is the 2nd spell yet I still used it quite often with great success when I already had unlocked the shield spell (and all other spells on the way).

Currently I don’t use it, but I don’t use sword rain or fire storm either with the heal + bladestorm + sonic blast combo available. And I guess nobody would say these suck!

Shield spell and blizzard might be a bit weak indeed - though, these two and the stun spell are currently the only ones I rarely used and the ones that are barely levelled up, so I can’t really judge shield, while I’d say stun just sucks indeed and blizzard can be useful in certain situations.

But I guess many prefer heal over shield for two reasons: 1. It just comes earlier and initially cheaper, thus being already at a higher level when shield becomes available, thus already seeming stronger at that time, meaning it is less work to continue with it, and 2. removal of poison+fire is clearly worth more than the option to cast shield already before damage has been done.

I’m not the original poster just saying lols

I know, just saying either :slight_smile:

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to my understanding, all troops and spells were supposed to be higher the earlier ones


e.g. paladin is stronger knight; arblaster a stronger archer; sonic blast a better hammerstrike; armageddon a better apocalypse; etc.


the frost spell’s description sounds like it should be a stronger hammerstrike-mixed-with-swordrain


but its cooldown is waaay too long for it to be worth its damage

Not sure about different translations of the blizzard description text, but from my (German) version saying “slowing and damaging”, I rather thought it would be a mixture of… well firestorm (AoE, DoT) and the attack of a froster (ice damage type, slowdown) when I read the description for the first time before using the spell… and then was quite disappointed it was one-shot (unlike poison, firestorm, heal) + high cooldown + low range (unlike sword rain or heal). But if I remember correctly, there’s already a topic where a buff for the blizzard spell was mentioned/wished…

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Yea, Blizzard just needs a massive buff to all of its components. Absolutely useless all situations right now.

Here’s the other topic where the blizzard spell (among others) was already discussed:

i apologize for not noticing the earlier post; i’m very sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

i guess i just didn’t search with the right words