Some spells are just too weak - Please Fix! - Poison, Shield, Blizzard, Stun, Hammerstrike

Anyone knows the new stats from Blizzard?

Who is in for STUN?


MAX of  Stun + BS/SB + SwordRain should be good.

Blizzard has now 5,5 range and 12 sec cooldown. I think this will be the new top spell. Garg, Mortar, Wolf, Pyro, Skull tower, Blockade - all of this have weakness against Blizzard. Additional it is has a freeze effect and is instant. This is more than great.

But the damage was reduced very much. On Lv 7 it was 2200 before, now it is 1200. But this is not thar bad because Blizzard is a good mix from stun + swordrain + good against buildings.


How long is the duration from max Stun? Because 20 sec cooldown is a big thing. I remember, that the duration was round about 11 seconds in past on max. Is this correct?

I think you’re correct, G, but not sure… that would mean sth like 11.5 or 12 seconds duration now.


Actually I hated stun from unlock to high level, but still leveled it up sometimes when I had gold left… and recently I found it finally is useful at high spell levels. With its large radius and instant-ness, it can (with proper timing, which requires some skill/practice) really be effective when you have other spells or troops to deal with the stunned opponent troops/structures in the meantime.

I think about a permanent-units-defender-spell-combination. Like Stun + Shield + Blizzard or Stun + Blizzard + Swordrain. Last one sounds amazing when Blizzard will deal enough damage to knock down wolf with 2 casts. So only cast Canons and stun the first wave, Sword rain the second, and cracks the first and third wave with Blizzard to stun the 4th wave. And every time canons will shoot the towers + get less damage because of stun.

Maybe I’ll upgrade Stun after Max Blizard. Hope anyone knows the max Stun duration.

Btw: I asked KillemOG to take a look in max Stats from Hammerstrike, because he ised it often few months ago. Hammerstrike + Blizzard sounds like a instant-damage-hell.

Level 12 Stun is 9 sec and max (13) will be 9.5sec

So we have to wait 11,30 seconds for next use? Or was the cooldown reduced?

Lol just look up cooldown in your spell tower :wink:

But to answer, no, cooldown still at 20sec.


But with wave distance being 18 seconds if I remember correctly, that means you still can almost stun every wave, but at least every 2nd wave without any doubt (as well as most towers), while your favorite spells of doom can wreak havoc on the stunned troops…

At the moment I am using shield sonic blast and swordrain (level 9) and they are very effective on boosted base when combined with raging wolf stunning ogre and blazing knights are just deadly , I beat some top 100 SK base no scrolls w this combo , also need only 2 tw on some bases I can’t beat before , this with a level 85 king and leadership less than 10k which really makes it hard to spawn enough ogre/wolf.


I think sonic blast shield and stun can be good with ogre wolf and knights but need testing , blizzard kill wolf easily but ogre remain alive and range troop also survive though some might be slowed down.With stun , you can stun waves/tower at choke points and let your troops past safely while blizzard can’t do this I think.My blizzard is only level 3 , can’t do test  :slightly_frowning_face:

Mischreiber has LV 10 blizzard so here it is for you guys:

so I take it that at max level they kill blockade skull and wolf in one shot and will take a few hit from the king to kill boosted wolf , impressive

We will see. Level 11 is max level and this video is about level 10. I think Flare think with this facs for onehit before they changed Blizzard. ^^

I’ve seen some videos of people having shield and heal but noticed that heal doesn’t really do anything if you have shield, shouldn’t heal like heal the shield hp

If you have shield , then let the shield gone first before healing yourself or use heal on troops since they cannot regenerate.Healing shield itself would make them combo overpowered.The timing and alternation of the two spells is important imo.

Anyone knows what the max attack from new Blizzard is?

Max is 11 I’m told

like Drum said its 11 with I think 2500 damage 

“you think“ or “you know“? Thx for your post, Drum - please tell me the attack which I asked for. ^^