Some Suggestion

Hello, I am new to the game & like to post some suggestions… Thanks.

  1. Add send/enter button to alliance chat window. I have Bluetooth keyboard as well i have OTG cable but keyboard Enter is not working so either make keyboard enter work or just add simple small button after text field to enter text.
  2. Setting for auto mode.  I like to select what auto mode should use automatically like 1] Hero Run 2] Units Draw 3] Powers. Mostly I like to use powers manually.
  3. Better communication with global chat window. Try to improve communication system as it’s the important thing in online game. Global chat is needed too where all players can chat, recruit players etc.
  4. Add Low / Medium / High settings for graphics so that more players will enjoy the game without having lag or bugs due to low end mobiles.
  5. Add info about item rarity colors in Inventory panel.
  6. Try to lower amount of Ambrosia to move heroes from 1 land to another & if balance is necessary then increased amount of Ambrosia while moving to land for attack.
  7. If possible add different servers for new players to join & play with same level players as sometimes playing on same server with very high level players who’s are already maxed out or near to max is feels boring as well you don’t get chance to make your own alliance as every new player wants to join high level alliance to get benefits, So if you make different servers like Server 1 | Server 2 | Server 3 etc. after some month gaps like 2/3 months then new players can join new server & as all players are new on that particular server, game will feel new even after few years of launching as well you can make nice offers to new players as par server too & all server players can participate in global war so indirectly they are connected with each other too. This is not my original idea, I saw it in some game I think in Pokemon game which i liked a lot so suggesting.
  8. Add “remove or store all” button for def. buildings as moving 1 1 building into store just to build new defense is quite boring sometimes.
  9. It’s nice to have 3 layouts for base & defense & not only for defense. I mean let us edit out mount Olympus structures too with each layout rather than only defense.
  10. Add Button to Forge screen to finish forging of all completed Items as finishing them one by one is quite hectic.
  11. Stop Auto Scrolling to Our Name in Alliance Members window & Rather add one button to top go directly to your base. As many times I want to see top player or want to dual with other players but every time I open that window it auto scrolls me to my name which is irritating imo.


nice ideas.


in the past there where some troubles concerning the chat (and it is still worth to improve, true), but i don’t know if a global chat would kill the game. but maybe a global one only for generals (+maybe officers)? recruitment can be done within the forum also - but maybe add an extra button to this in the game (not only a forum button), maybe a “need aliance/member” button that points to the section in the forum.

Thanks, About recruitment in global chat…  I was referring to the text recruitment only. Like ask good players to join their clan or hose who’s seeking for good clan can post that they are looking for good alliance blah blah blah as while applying to some alliance which is on “Apply setting” you can’t post any message there so it’s hard to explain why you want to join that alliance so better communication will change this i think.

Added a new suggestion at point 7.

I think – but I don’t know – that Nintendo has a bigger budget than Flare Games. But it’s a good suggestion.

I have strong doubts about global chat because it could open the doors to stalkers and encourage big swindles in wars with subtle and shameful agreements

Ya I don’t know about budget thing but I think if it’s like partition like we do in big hard disk then I think it’s not going to be to costly as I am not talking about many big servers but many small servers as different servers really going help both sides, to developers as well as players too. Some advantages like…

  • Game feels fresh even after some years of launching as new server means new start for every one on that server.
  • Due to fresh server new players also get a change to fight for top or to lead in that particular server as it’s so hard for new player to do that in old server without money where players are way too ahead of them.
  • Due to new server many old players also going to join if they make mistake in old server or just to play with 2nd account so if they are buying gems on all accounts which indirectly going to help developers.
  • Different offers to different server as par servers age so that developers can give more generous offers to new servers to help new players grow fast.
  • They can always add global war,  global ranking etc. so indirectly all server players will get connected even though there is a different servers & old server players don’t feel that they have lost the advantage or something.

There are features like Mute / Report so that you can mute or report the players which doing bad things.

It’s my understanding that global chat features are a technical impossibility with the existing chat software. It would require licensing a new chat applet or creating a new one from scratch, neither of which are a priority right now. They’ve basically squeezed every drop of power out of the existing software through customization.

There may just not be enough active players to support multiple servers. It’s a fairly small game. I don’t know if that’s the only reason, but it’s likely a factor.

It would obviously make sense in almost every other regard.

I have considered global chat a big bonus to any decent game, as I think it keeps people logging in for the social aspect. Especially on a game where the player base is so low. In the smaller alliances it’s like you’re playing on your own, and players lose interest and leave.  It can’t be a software issue just to have text appear surely, it’s just a lack of new content and developing things for the better. OR is RR2’s very poor cousin…

A new server would probably be good for anyone joining now, but again the player base is probably too low, and would have to be filled with bots!

Yes global chat is definitely not a priority feature but definitely a nice to have feature to improve communication between players.

There’s a very active community on the Line app, which has a lot of advantages over in-game global chat. For one, you can talk for more that 20 minutes without draining your battery!

There also used to be active communities on Discord and Band, but I can’t comment on how they are right now.

Yes this is another solid option to have official discord channel so that players can communicate there.

There used to be a forum sticky for it, but there isn’t any more so the Discord may or may not be maintained. @Infamous would probably know best, but there may be other players here who use it.

Ahh Thanks although official one is more nice. I will check if it’s still active.

If it’s not active and you can use Line in your country, let me know and i’ll get you into the line chats. They’re active. 

most of the players have turned of their invitations - i assume they would also turn of text recruitment. but maybe i only speak for myself - if a global chat is technically possible and there are methods to prevent trolling (and worse), why not. but does flair also have staff to maintain/observe a global chat, and how many text would be posted there? i have no idea… 

what i meant with the button pointing to the forum section was more for new/mid players - maybe there are not really aware of the forum (this button is kind if well hidden) - maybe the “alliance button” could therefore be played in hall of uranus or somewhere more present.



Sorry off topic but, how would one go about joining this very active community on line? Like my allaince uses it to chat but is there a public page or something? 

Line isn’t as good as some of the other apps for that. You need an invite. Pm me if you want. 

Warning: it’s mostly trash talk.