some suggestions,aska pal and pro-league

I played for a year when game launched,then took longgg break,again actively playing since last 3-4 months.first of all just wanted to try aska pal,opened every pal chest,even bought pal chest one time offer,didn’t got one.aska was not even offered in pro-shop,may be offer in festival or something? or any suggestion how to get it?

now pls fix medal distribution system,I get 34 medals in matchmaking,I was at higher trophy level once when game launched,since then many levels added to troops and spells,most of my troops,spells not even near max levels,not to forget very little .I forged since 3 month,please check.started upgrading regularly now but even when I started with very low level spells/tropps since then it showed me,34 medals and I don’t stay purposely low or anything,it’s not about skills as well.I do very good at pro-league,in top 200 rank most of the times.

also I like idea for pro-league where everyone r same,if we can choose our choice of spells/troops sometimes,may be in some league,their level,stats will be same for all but we can choose from some options.that will be different kind of challenge,finding better combo for different layouts/defences.

  1. Aska is a very rare pal to get. Buying chests gives you a larger chance to get him, since you are guaranteed pals, however he’s one of the hardest to get. Many players got him when flare put him in a festival not too long ago

  2. The reason you only get 34 medals is because of your player level and trophy range. I’m level 102 and at 3600 trophies and I get around 36-100 medals per win. The higher you get the more medals you receive