Some Suggestions

I have a few suggestions:


Armour profiles


I have 2 armour sets, 1 for gold farming and 1 with bonusses like leadership etc…

When i want to gain alot of gold i put on my armour with gold bonus and when i wanna gain trophies i put the other

armour on.

It would be  easy to make different profiles and link the armour to the profile so i have

to change profile and no the whole armor.



Alliance crew


Make other players leaders of the alliance so the leader is not the only one 

able to invite players.

Um, I’m a bit confused about the gold farming bit…


I changed the text a bit, is it better now ? :slight_smile:

cool ideas. I could agree with both

soldier < general? < leader


or captain or lieutenant


they get invite and kick rights but not elite boost or manage rights