Some teasing for version 5.0

? Kings and Queens,

I wanted to show you one feature you all have been waiting for a long time :slight_smile:

Drum roll …

Okay, are you ready?

Sitting comfortably?

Alright, let’s go!





Setting Alliance application requirements!

With the upcoming version, you can set pre-requirements for a player to join your Alliance. Players that do not meet the requirements will not be able to apply for your Alliance.

We hope this will make the busy life of Alliance Leaders easier!  :slight_smile:

Alliance requirements.PNG (0 Bytes)

I cannot wait for you to see more of the features we are going to implement with version 5.0, I am excited!

Have a good day!

Omg!!! Even if the version 5.0 had only this as content it’s already enough for me :wink:

Nevermind the donation its related to Alliance Tower level 1 for 1k and so on…Level 11 for 500k. I see.

But this is directly connected to the Alliance Tower level, no? So if you have the Alliance Tower level at a certain level, player donates minimum x-amount of gold.

LOL yeah you have right my mistake :lol:

This feature have a auto settings? I means hope leader cannot set by example by mistake Throne room minimum level 10 and make by mistake min level 40. So there is a auto settings who auto adjust if some do mistake or its their problem if they don’t set it correctly?

I don’t imagine someone who try throne room 11 minimum and Hero level min 30 and Alliance tower level 12. Its gonna be impossible. Or trying to set Throne level 5 with min hero level 80 and Alliance Tower 14.

So each settings have some protection kind of and auto correct to avoid impossible combination? more with match combination like throne room 10 with hero 80 and alliance tower 11, throne room 5 with hero 40 with alliance level 5,etc…

Well I guess leader will try this and see

Must say, this is a very good addition indeed. We have been asking that for years and now finally it’s almost there. My compliments, thanks for listening to the community.

Lol, when I hide trophies I can’t ask my team to let me join ?, when they set requirement of trophies minimum 3k. I hope that when a team invites me and I don’t meet the requirements, that I can still join. Would be great if we also would have a blacklist of players we don’t want to apply, but let’s not ask too much at once. 

For the conquest purpose, it would be great if we also could set minimum personal conquest buildings level as requirement. 

This is big  :slight_smile:

Finally i dont have to cancel request from players of king level 20 and donation 1000 in my alliance. I am too happy.

Good job FG. 

Yeah… As per announcement you will not be able to request in that scenario. But if you have a invite lying… It should let you join. @Madlen can confirm this. 


Would be nice. But also i am happy with what we are getting now :slight_smile:

Great new feature!

May you also add “Min. Conquest buildings level” to that list?
And/Or let us see that info on player’s profile?

Useful feature.

Thank you so much! I have been asking for this for so long! A much needed feature! I’m excited already!

It’s nice features. Glad you, again listen to community. Thank you.


I am so excited about this upcoming version because since I started here I was collecting some features that are heavily requested by the community and that I thought are really valuable to you guys. And this is one of them. I can’t wait to share more info during the upcoming weeks! I am really happy we can do this community version now and the team is eagerly excited as well. :slight_smile:

Will conquest be scrapped? That’s one of the most ‘heavily requested by the community’ ?? ?

An invite “overwrites” the conditions. So let’s say your team set it to 3k minimum and you are below that. You leave the alliance and want to come back, they send an invite.Then you can still join.

It’s such a basic feature it’s hard to believe it took you until version 5 to implement it.

Nevertheless it’s a good thing. Thumbs up! ??

Is it reallthe the thing you need? How it will be used?



It’s an important feature for alliances. Now we don’t have check the applications to see if they are eligible!