Some tips for the lower levels:

I posted this in the Angelic Facebook group, but I figured I’d post it here as well for those who may need it:

According to a top player, this is the list of priority for upgrading things:

  1. Castle Gate

Relatively cheap, but gives a lot of extra HP and damage, which will stall the enemy. Plus, obviously, it allows you to place more things.

  1. Spells

Luckily Spells can be upgraded simultaneously. Spells are how you attack, which is how you get gold. I’ve been watching a lot of top player raids recently, and I’ve found that everybody uses Sonic Blast. Bladestorm is a close second, and then the 3rd spell slot seems to be chosen based on the situation. But Sonic Blast, definitely, will stay with you forever.

  1. Barricades.

The fastest thing in the game to upgrade. Has a shitload if HP during Tough Barricade boosts, so it keeps the enemy king from moving ahead and makes him waste a lot of spells. Remember, the first stretch of your base is the most important, because your ranged units can attack across the overlap, so having strong barricades helps keep the king from killing those units/towers, which helps them kill the enemy’s units. Also, if you make the first stretch really tough to break through, all of the enemy’s units will be bunched up, meaning that AoE attacks (such as Skull Tower and Mortar) will be able to hit everything at once!! >=D So barricades are definitely a high priority on defense. It’s only bested by Castle Gate because Castle Gate gives more HP per gold.

  1. Units

Units are essential for attacking, and make defending a lot easier as well. Thanks to the new elite boosts, Arblasters are now the best unit to upgrade. Frost Frenzy Arblasters + Sonic Blast = Unstoppable.

  1. Waves

Waves are necessarily game-changing. But the reason why they’re one of the prefered upgrades, is because A) they’re relatively cheap, given that there are so many of them, and :sunglasses:

  1. Towers

Although towers are eventually the best part of any defense, they’re actually not that great starting out… They go up in usefulness by about 44% each level, but their costs scale up pretty quickly as well. So for example, it’s a lot better (and a lot cheaper) to have 3 Lv.1 Skull Towers, than to have 1 Lv.3 Skull Tower.

  1. Taverns

I’m not sure where farms fall, but Taverns are basically only there for people who don’t really raid.

The overall plan?

  1. With your limited supply of workers, you should focus on Castle Gate, then on Barricades, and also try to build lots of Lv.1 Skull Towers and Firebolts.

  2. With your Wizard Tower, put a strong priority on Sonic Blast. A high-level Sonic Blast will take down towers almost instantaneously. Don’t forget to use your Scream while casting it, so that you can run faster and hit more things!

  3. With units, put a strong priority towards Arblasters. Frost Arblasters are just incredible. Their range, their attack, their slow effect, and the way they heal each other in packs, makes them like a wrecking ball against enemy units. You use Sonic Blast to sweep away the towers for you, and they’ll use their arrows to sweep away the units for you! Not to mention, they’re still great even without the boost.

  4. I know this wasn’t mentioned, but always try to have 1 farm being upgraded. You don’t want to upgrade all at once, or you’ll have no food, but you do want to be steadily upgrading them in order to keep up with your food demands.

  5. Anything else not mentioned, such as Waves and Workshop, can be put on hold if you don’t have the gold.

This is good except that you said Spells can be upgraded simultaneously, which I don’t think you can.

Scream doesn’t allow you to run faster but you feel this thing to run faster because maybe most of time we (players) are under the effects of slowdown of froster, but many tests provided that it doens’t run faster.

I meant simultaneously with Barricades ^_^’

@OPelle: Ah, thanks for the clarification! :wink:

Also, this is Flothaboss’s perspective:

I almost maxed everything, and I would say the priority is :

  1. waves

  2. spells

  3. buildings

  4. units

  5. towers /obstacles

  • if you have 8M in your treasure chamber and you have the choice to upgrade a high level tower or a low level wave… then go for the high level tower. You will lose time and gold if you upgrade the cheap things (when you already have a lot of gold).

Indeed, waves are really important. I prefer the offensive side of the game and left my defence, especially my waves, far behind the rest of my base. Now I’ve maxed out all my units and a few most common spells, but I still got a few waves at only 26 moral point (4400 trophy range). Since the war started, and I’m being attacked by better players, I really regret not making the waves a priority. Currently I’m trying to rush them trough by having the money needed for the next upgrade ready when the previous wave is finishing.

everyone neglect their waves until its too late , except the one who completely pay their way up the ranks I guess , and ploughers lol

I always made waves a priority because I wanted to be able to afford two ogres per wave <.< So I blitzed it. But it’s still taking soooooo longggg .-.

Really helpful post. I agree that waves are mostly neglected but should be a focus point.