Some Units are Just Too Slow to be Used on Offense

 Some Units are just entirely too slow on offense i.e cannons,ogres,wizards and mummies.The only feasible offensive army will always mostly only be composed of paladins,knights,cannons(if you upgrade the hell out of em to kill in one blow) and archers in hopes of sacking the opponents castle with in the allotted time.

 To me this makes the game one dimensional,once you build your defenses to account for the opposing teams archers cannons and paladins(because you know those are the only units that move fast enough to do it) your pretty much done.It also limits imagination and creativity on the offensive end.You keep pretty much watching the same line up of soldiers assault every opponent,that gets dull after a while.

 I say either speed up the movement of the ogres,cannons,wolves,and mummies,or increase the amount of time we have to sack a castle so we can see these units more on the offensive end instead of mostly on the defensive end.

 Now I haven’t worked out the kinks because in no way shape or form am I asking for easier game play.I know that if you gave longer time limits it would be easier for enemies to sack castles so to even it out you could make the non mobile defenses stronger i.e towers,gates,spikes etc. to account for the longer time limit.

 It just doesn’t make any sense to have these cool looking brutes and wizards in your army and the only time you get to see them is on the other guys side coming at you.And If using them on offense knowing (unless you can single handedly take out a guys army with just your avatar) that equipping ice wizards and fire wizards to sack a castle is a set stage for failure.

 I hope that as my level increases my need or ability to use the more powerful soldiers on offense will increase.I’m kinda getting bored with attacking every opponent with a hundred lil knights, archers and two cannons.


You need more morale , better gears , better spells and better units.Then everything will be fine.

You can pull Units with the hero shout to your king. As Fii Nami said: as higher rank as you have you’ll mix units and spells and find your way even with slower ones.

Against me all enemies use canons.

Another thing is that paladins, for instance, are NOT fast at all, imho… so when paladins are quick enough for you, other units should be fine either.

Wolf is one very fast unit, so calling it slow seems strange to me.

Mummies are spawned next to your hero, so their slow speed is not too bad after all.


Overally, the units’ speed is fine for most players, so if it does not work out for you, maybe your troops just get picked off by defending troops/towers before they reach your hero?

ya watch flothaboss’s youtube vid. paladin is slowest unit in game dawg

What units you take with you into the base depends largely on who you’re up against. In the very early stages of the game, knights and paladins are the absolute boss of the game. As long as you protect them from bombs, wizards, and the occasional frost or gargoyle tower, your knights can pretty easily defeat other players’ bases.

Once your opponents start leveling up their towers, you can no longer afford the time it takes for your foot soldiers to take down the towers. That is when cannons become incredibly useful, and are useful pretty much until the end of the game (until you reach things like max skull towers, maybe). If I didn’t have cannons with me, I would never be able to take down many of my current opponents because I would run out of time whacking the towers.

Also, keep in mind that every troop has a particular situation they are good for. Knights are particularly useful against snake towers, although they must carefully be kept alive (and their boost is relatively cheap to use). Archers are good as a general long-distance unit (and their boost is also fairly cheap). Paladins are good on everything except snake towers. NEVER let your paladins try to take down a snake tower by themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys put way to much info into these posts. Its giving me a headache!!!

but I don’t see what the point is in these topics since we know flare won’t increase the speed of units, but I think the units should show a speed stat to compare speeds in their stats.

You’ll find in time all these unit types (even Ogre, when played well) fits the 2:40 window well on offense. How fast units advance is a dependent on quite a few variables: their level, what combination of units you bring, when you spawn them (separately and together), how many, your leadership regeneration rate, what troops/obstacles they will have to contend with and those you as the hero have removed, the spells you bring and when you use them, whether you use hero scream, where and how often, and so on. Usually if troops aren’t advancing quickly, it’s simply a function of a player’s failing amidst a very (too?) challenging base - one with a tactical code the player has yet to crack, assumimg it isn’t impossible at their level.

Once you level more, level troops, spells etc. much variety opens up. “The only feasible offensive army” doesn’t really exist, but as you level it will almost certainly not include Knights or Paladins (cannons are more likely).

Hang in there and more tactical variation and viable troop combinations on offense will soon be available to you. The Froster, in particular, may really surprise you. :grinning:

My playing style is this: I summon my first round of troops mainly as cannon fodder.My strongest soldier is my avi.So by the time I summon my second or even third string of offensive troops I most likely single handedly have destroyed anywhere from 1/3rd to half of my opponents non mobile defenses (depending on the opponent) so in most of my battles speed is crucial.My troops can’t get picked off before they get to me because my playing style dictates that everything behind me is all ready dead.My trouble literally comes not even from summoning them fast enough but literally my troops either won’t keep up or get left behind.More often then not I end up dying alone right at my enemies front gate just as 15 or so of my own units are just entering the screen shot of my death around the corner from behind me

@ den216 try the mummy if you like units for fodder then you don’t have to worry how fast he is

@everyone: my style is spamming cannons


If you reach the gate with low hp, just go back a few tiles or wait right before end-of-path / entrance of the big gate-square and wait a few moments to restore health and let your troops get up to you.

Then, when your hero has (nearly) full health again, your units might be up to you, and also your spell are ready to cast again. Then smash the gate.


Also, while overall speed is key, going back a tile or two and waiting / restoring health for a moment when you are alone and low on health can speed you up overally.


Cannons can be very helpful against towers and the gate.


Just as a general hint, on top of the screen you see how much time you have left. If you see it’s still plenty and will be enough to beat the base/gate, then don’t hurry and just take the time it needs to place your spells and attacks where they are the most effective. Dying at the gate with 50 seconds left is worse than reaching the gate with 30 seconds but full hp and troops to support you.

Also, you can see where along the path hostile and allied units are on the top bar (indicated by blue/red dots). If you see a bunch of blue units a bit behind you, just go back a bit and join your forces when you need protection / help.


I don’t want to say you’re wrong with “all behind you is dead”, but keep in mind path-overlap and chokepoints: A base with those means that towers and/or troops that are ahead of you(r king) can shoot at your troops that are behind you across path borders. A well-placed chokepoint may hold back your troops or even kill them even though your hero kills all troops that he encounters on his advance in front of the own troops. If you notice many of your allied troop dots on the top bar of the screen disappear behind you, they probably were killed in such a choke point.

Use the mummy and problem solved for your play style

If the timer is below 1 minute just spawn mummy. There’s a video made by flothaboss that measures the time of each unit to run the whole 27 tiles (unobstructed of course).


I usually spawn whatever unit that will fight with me at the front, at 1:30 ish mark I’ll spawn 2 canons to clean up any static defense I left behind and help me break the gate. I only spawn mummy after the 2 canons.

What should levels 1-25 focus on offensively?

@ Cr0n,


Stick with your troops to some extent (meaning don’t leave them far behind), as the path is relatively short and knights are relatively fast and have relatively little health and you have relatively little health as well.

you can just push your units

Ok, I’ll do that then. When I was trying to clear the way before it didn’t work so well and I just kept dying. I am trying to read these forums and pick up tips here and there but I’m afraid I may be getting a bit too far ahead of myself a lot. I’m such a low level I don’t think a lot of the things mentioned really apply to me. What I am doing defensively is upgrading the crap out my arrow towers and barricades trying to figure out some sort of good path to create. Offensively I just spam knights and maybe a couple archers the whole time. I feel my character is way to weak though and can’t push through tough spots right now and I’m refusing to use gems at this point because I want to save for more workers/slots. What should I do about getting better items? Just using gold to buy them? 



Yes, just buy equipment with gold. I survived pretty well on gold-only equipment until I reached level 56 or so. At that point, you begin to hit your first poison towers, and then you will definitely need better equipment to survive. However, you could probably manage to hold off still longer until you reached level 60, and then you have reached skull towers. At that point, you need good morale, because those things can obliterate your units! 

Ok, got it. Thanks