Someone Cheats


My Alliance is Ita Warriors. In the last war my covenant met phantom adversaries. An alliance left to zero has been canceled. The other alliance was DH Alliance made up of 10 identical players with the same path. 

In one battle they made an incredible and impossible score for 10 players.


I attach screenshots so you can investigate…

It seems clear to me there has been tampering!!!

lets assume the strike was on a 3sk island and each enemy gives around 1100-1200k vp. Assuming they all had 3 heroes of a max level, they do around 5600*3 = 16800*10 = 168000 pts. Assuming they had a maxed or nearly maxed fury, they could very well do a second cycle of furies to bring the strike to 260ish. This alliance is brought up occasionally and the theory is that it is a single player with many alts. SO nothing abnormal about the result, all it takes is a good player with a lot of spare time. 


A player with 10 accounts even at the highest level, but with scarce defenses can make in about 7 hours 7 battles per hero … admitting he has active prestige. 21x10 = 210 attacks. It seems really highly unlikely that I can make the score displayed in the image.


Let’s just say that we in Ita Warriors are not really scarce and in any case it was convenient to lose the battle. We won the war by walking.


Hey there,

If you suspect someone is cheating, could you please open a ticket? The Customer Support team will be able to investigate further. This is not something we can discuss on the forum.

You can open a ticket here:

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Dear GalaMorgane,


not having reported any damage from the strange behavior of this alliance I have no intention to go further.

Many many many thanks!


@d9d9, That alliance DH Alliance has been mentioned in one of the topics before. The players who commented on that thread have said that it was (most possibly) made up of different hoomans.

Either that or just one person having all of those accounts. Anyhow, I think their VP’s are alright, like how Infamous explained it.

They dont like to admit there are issues.Bad for business.They Suggest wild possiblities and a 1 in 10,000,000 scenario rather than doing a proper analysis.