Someone needs nerf for Hercules, demolition and frostbite perks :D

I read a topic just several minutes before but couldnt replied it, coz it was closed by Madlen :slight_smile: Topic was about how Hercules is strong, nerfing Hercules, nerfing demolition and frostbite, bla bla bla… full of nonsense thoughts :wink:

I have several questions to whom are asking for nerf on Hercules, Demolition and Frostbite. Are you serious? Did you thinked with your upper brain or …? :wink:

If they nerf Hercules; then people ll all use Athena and Cadmus. Then u ll ask for nerfing Cadmus and Athena heroes and spells. Your your losses and requests ll never end!!! :slightly_frowning_face:

Or maybe from now i ll ask for nerfing Cadmus, coz my defense reports are %75 Cadmus %25 other heroes :wink:

I ll advise you = Dont cry when you lose, be strong and relax coz this ll not be your first lose :wink:   Dont cry about nerfing heroes. When a hero nerfed; its becoming just a trash. I dont wanna play with trash heroes like you.

Please dont cry again on this forum. Go, find a corner and turn your face to wall then cry as much as you can :wink:

I don’t think it’s crazy to talk about a cadmus nerf, but I don’t really think any individual heroes need to be nerfed. Some of them could probably stand a bit of a buff. Cadmus, hercules, and athena are not 3 heroes I think need a buff. Perseus doesn’t either. If some of the other heroes got little tweaks to make them more in line with those 4, that’s probably fine and good.

 I think it’s completely appropriate to look at frostbite after we’ve had a few months of the new buff to see if that’s working well or if it’s too much. And i think there is a completely unintended synergy with frostbite and other perks, especially demolition, that the devs should carefully review. Maybe it’s working exactly as intended. I sorta doubt that, though.

Maybe you don’t have frostbite/demo in high %, but those two have become deadly with the new frostbite update. He can cruise a top base in 1 minute 30 seconds, which is not intended in my opinion. He is walking… he isn’t even touching the structures. It’s not a nerf of Hercules, it just so happens that Hercules combines the two perks that make him OP and too unbalancing for the game. It is truly in my opinion a huge problem. It has been reported, and I am hoping devs will look into it.

As for nerfing, I don’t think much can be done, but if that’s up for a discussion, its hard with Cadmus/Athena. Cadmus is hard, because he just uses his power and CD. So ok, maybe lower his unique power effect? I dont think it will matter much. So what else to nerf? His fire resistance - wont matter much, no way his CD, that’s his trademark, but won’t stop anyone to just refine an other item. Make him slower? That would be devastating. As for Athena, you can’t really lower her powers, because they affect all heroes, CD can’t be changed, her unique power isn’t that powerful… maybe the damage multiplier? Maybe less lightning resistance, which wont matter I am guessing when we max out… 

I would look at the weaker heroes that need some help… especially Artemis, who doesn’t have a shield or a power to help her (asclepious/pheme - devour like Ajax). You really need to master her… maybe someone who has her as a war hero can make a guide (doubt it, at top level).

Believe me, I didn’t care too much about you leaving.

You can be a great player. You know Boom’s first condition for new members is not being a great player, but a good character; a man not a half guy-half girl.

Just ask yourself; do you meet this first condition?

See you should really get over being about me leaving the team.

Nobody wants to play in a team that loses.(atleast not me, so I made a good decision about leaving boom and joining Gow)

If a player build a setup like full attack speed + frostbite + demolition. Every hero ll be a Hercules. In my alliances there are players who have builds like this and they are destroying defenses like Hercules or maybe faster than Hercules.

Stun is also a very useful perk for battles, no resistance for stun. You ll resist to frostbite but u cant escape from being stunned. So what about a nerf for stun or maybe plus cooldown ll be nerfed too.


There are 12 heroes in this game + 2 gods. How many of players are playing with Jason, Prometheus, Ajax, Artemis, Achilles? Everyone is playing with Hercules, Athena, Cadmus, Perseus. If they nerf Demolition; game ll be playable with 2 heroes. Many players ll leave coz without demolition win is a dream against strong and moderate layouts.

Ajax was very powerful hero before the nerf(maybe 1-2 year before, not last nerf) Athena was very weak before the last nerf. If they gonna make all heroes stronger it is ok for me. For example equipping all heroes with shields or maybe adding poison, fire, lighting damages to their uniques, etc.

Only 1 team ll be 1st and it contains 50 players. According to me being 1st is not really so important. If it was; i joined an elite ally before years ago.

It is your decision, i dont care :slight_smile: I just wanted to explain that i didnt wrote this topic for you.

I wrote for everyone who are using Hercules as a farm hero and hard forging his items. I dont wanna start to hard forging another hero.

Also game ll lose so many players if they nerf demolition, frostbite, etc. Game must be a little playable.

People say stuff like this all the time. It never happens. 

I don’t see a problem with Hercules, it’s the new players first and best hero, so to keep them in the game which is more important than our end game squabbles he needs to be powerful, and one of the best heroes.  

As for demolition, if that gets changed, the whole game will break and become impossible - it’s bad enough that perk is a cursed perk which relies on luck to get it. With new lvls, all barricades/towers basically got x2 health and damage - but max lvl heroes aren’t double health+ damage so defence did get better, and to take a way demolition or reduce it would be ridiculous. Defence got the boost all the elites wanted, let’s leave it at that. ( think lightning towers/fire towers got too much extra damage with new lvls - shielded heroes can deal with it, but unshielded ones suffer) 

Frostbite is needed for low strength heroes (and Ajax) like Helen to deal with chaos gate after the overpowered GK’s kill all her troops. 1 Million health takes about a minute for her to chop away alone!  

I think given there’s bigger issues currently with massive bugged AD statues, I don’t see the point in nerfing any heroes at all. Fix the darn statue.  

By the way DR is the most OP perk that exists. Perseus shield is completely OP far more than Herc’s claws or his piggy head! 

Hercules is/was one of the best,favourite hero of all time and every child dream to become hercules like strong and handsome. Nobody wants weak, weightless, skinny artemis like hero. So stop using" nerf"word .

I’d recommend using troops and powers to try and break the gate with low-damage heroes, not just whack at them with your sword. Trying to outfit every hero the same way you’d outfit Hercules isn’t necessarily the best strategy. 

This does highlight that there are several ways to play the game. Demolition isn’t mandatory. It’s good! It’s not mandatory though. 

If Demoliton gets nerfed, nerf Frostbite too (brake this system). At that point I`ll be curious to see everyone fall in every defense like flies.

My best hero doesn’t use either. 

I’m forging them frostbite because I think it’s bugged right now, so I’m going to take advantage of it until the bug gets fixed. 

But neither is mandatory. 

Yes, true that any hero can be Like Hercules, but its easier when you have the 2 uniques as I said. And I didn’t say nerf demolition, the combo FB/Demo is not working well… they proc at the same time as a combination of their % and can be lethal.

I agree that stun needs a counter, or a small nerf.

Actually, now that this came up, if that is fixed, then bases will be beatten in under two minutes… I think even if it was not intended, we have grown with it, its a great challenge to build a strong GK (adding more things) and a great challenge to beat them. Its actully the only thing that people do, talk, build for and against, brag, make notes and compete… without it, everything is 100% no problems, no gems used and completely boring. There is nothing else interesting, people just AP and play on. Those GK cause AP to fail, cause manual playing vs them, cause actual selection of gear, powers, units…

@CaptainMorgan @Madlen KEEP IT… thats the whole fun of the game imho. The whole battle is build around it. If the GK wasnt so hard, we wouldnt need 3:35, barricades/towers dont matter… unless the time will be shortened.

Very good but one problem. Nobody/ noone will able to kill your GK if this happen. And thanks for your advice.

So request to developers check his GK first than accept his idea?

If hercules has a bug than cadmus also has a bug because 90% top players like him so much he can beat any kind of Gk just like that most of the time without gems. So,If anyone need nerf than nerf cadmus, athena, helen as well.

There’s only maybe a dozen players in the game with 100% defence upgraded so we haven’t got close to feeling the full defensive upgrades, yet there are some GK’s that are practically impossible to kill and that’s without refinements having been started.  First thing that needs lowering is the ridiculously high LoH masteries and reduce the max DR a statue can have maybe to 40%, that will make the game harder for @Archimidesand thus be a more fun challenge, and for the rest GK’s might actually not be almost impossible to kill with heroes other than Athena.

I don’t think there’s anyone suggesting that Hercules has a “bug”. How could a hero have a bug?

There is a strong suspicion that Frostbite does have an actual bug, or at least a very unintended side-effect that was exacerbated by the buff in November, and like the weird behavior with DR and AD when they’re combined, it should probably be fixed or they’re going to have to re-balance the whole game around that.

You are arguing that 10-20 GK are hard, while the rest are soooo easy. So lets remove the hardest and make them all easy. That’s a challenge? I actually am borred to test a GK because I have to wait to go through a base for him. People ask for tests in our alliance, Im like: how ever you change it… it will make a 5% difference in time. Thats how boring bases are… but GK… its a thrill to have 2 full minutes with Hercules (FB/demo) vs a GK and having to stay alive to beat him… 

Anyway, its a matter of opinion. You guys want to remove it, I will be fine with it. We just watch more players get borred and quit, less gems being used… yeah, the devs love those two factors ?

Then make it more effective. Anything to make you guys happy. Make the game easier, like taking candy from a child!

Going full Rambo mode with lots of demo (and FB) is the easiest way to get 95%. That’s fine. It’s one way to play, it’s pretty easy and accessible, but if you can’t bring an army to the gate it can be tough to kill hard GKs. There is some balance there. Getting a big army to the gate is more difficult for many heroes, like Hercules, but it gives you the chance to attack a GK in a different way than just punch him by your lonesome.