Something big on the way.




They need to dish out more info. They clearly have a limited marketing budget yet they don’t use the community to help endorse their product. Create hype by releasing general info of what is coming and ETA’s

Flare should create a film on rr2 and they should cast us players in that film . It is a hell damm good idea because we hope that the film on rr2 will be hit millions of people will play this they have to do some thing to get attention of more people film is a good idea though

Yeah maybe. But they need to have a million dollar budget… I guess you understood what I mean :grinning:

Information regarding what exactly is to come will be relased on Facebook throughout the coming weeks. Can’t tell you more than that right now.


Make it easier please.

The guild/group/clan system has been in the works and THAT MAY be the big news! We will have to wait and see.

Take my money:)


Wow… i’ve suggested something good here, cheak it.