Something fishy going on in this photo...

This guy spends hundreds of gems for a SINGLE raid, but only has 2 unit slots?






just means he didn’t use a third troop against you, not that he doesn’t have it equipped

8 apocalypse 8 ammargedon 7revive for only 59%raid?

Maybe his/her kids played?


Hmmm !

8, is it possible ,what’s the count down of these

If u die and revive , u can use your scroll again , the cooldown become ready

It’s that person kids…or he just went mad to spend 1000 gems on a base to get 59%.

I think its that person kids too

this guy we faced his alliance three times he was dropping gems alot 20-100 gems each raid he do it alot

his donation isn’t that high also

he maybe hacker or some rich mad kid