Something is fishy with league records...

So I see the current diamonds league record is over 1.1 million points but I’m having a hard time believing it. Even with gems, you would need to be earning an astounding 300 points a minute, every minute for the full 72 hour duration in order to get near that mark. No sleep or load breaks or server matinance allowed…

Some top bases give 1k or more medals for beating them, and top10 receive 50% medal boost on match making, so potentially you might be able to get 1.5k medals per raid.

1111111 / (72×60) = 257.2 medals per minute

That means for each 1.5k medal raid you’d have 5min 50s of time. With a raid taking at max 2:45, even with some loading time and chamber of fortune you’d have plenty of time left.

Nonetheless, yes, nonstop raiding for like 15-20h a day, plus insane amounts of gems for buying food or endless food videos and 24/3 raiding and video watching.

To be honest, that IS indeed insane, but most probably that record was made by several people playing on the same account one after another, e.g. 5 people each playing 3-4h a day.

You can do max 2.5M medals in 3 days non-stop 24/3, that person who made 1.1M lost like over 60hours of playing on raiding continuously doing probably every time something like 1500 medals staying in top 10

If we want to calculate 1.111.111 / 1.500= 740~ raids he/she did. Each raid take you 3minute with also the opening of fortune chamber so: 740*180=133200s/3600s= 37hours

He/she played for 37 hours is “factible” doing over 12hours of play in these 3 days. But surely you have just destroyed your brain cells, after do a thing like this. :slight_smile:

Vouchers :grinning:

I would love to have a try at one of the league records, only one mind you, I think if I won it I wouldn’t try it again. it’s a shame how much lack of bread holds me and others back it must cost them a lot of money to set a record.

Another thing to consider, though, is that the player was Lv.55. Lv.55s don’t make 1.5k per raid ô_ō

You mean alliance lvl 55 and king lvl 100 over =) ?

It’s possible to have more than 1500 (the best I saw is 1750).

And yes, his score was made by several players who shared the account.

severe hand cramps if using a phone!


also assumes that the 1.5k raids are scroll free or the cost to do this many raids would be insane!

Ah. Alliance level. That makes more sense. My apologies ^_^’

Hola a todos, como estais? soy un nuevo miembro de este foro. No lo hay en castellano

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Or even easier a cheat/hack could have been used. (No Fingers Pointed).

I don’t think so. With all those raids on other players done there, someone would have noticed I guess? :wink:

I’m going to aim for 1,111,112 just to be a prick.

I actually won the Silver record that way once.

You won silver league with 1.1m medals? Wow, crazy shit! :wink:

Nooooo! xD I mean beating a guy by 1 point! XD

Ironically, another player had the same idea just before me. So I had to boost a little further to beat him by a few points x) And then someone did the same to me v_v

Yeah I got that, but your post was way too tempting not to make that joke :wink:


But yeah, had similar experiences as well…