Something is very wrong is going with your game flare

Something is very wrong is going with your game flare

Too much ploughing and admin know it

many people complain and no action taken

We know many people like Doinnovation doing it and many of Vietnamese people also doing the same using windows platform

Here an example of one account of Doinnovation with more 200000 Gems

I feel sorry for all people who play fare and waste a lot of there time and money to discover that they been fools

So since today I will play like others open a lot of accounts and do gems ploughing

If any one want to join me please send me PM I need some help in that

Let the game be fare now

You are right, this situation is extremely unfair for players that spent months and months to reach a medium level, and more for high players that see their efforts “useless”…and I assure you that I passed this post to Jona again…


But as said before in the other topic about “vietnames people complains”, I know that you (and others) are pretty sure that this is an account by doinnovation but without “real” proofs we shouldn’t accuse a player of hacking… :grinning:

If everything is legal, I think Doinnovation won’t have any objection to contact with a member of flaregames’s staff, if they require so, and tell them what is the name of that new account. So they will can verify where are that incredible amount of gems from. If he has bought that gems, ok…But if the video suddenly disappears from his youtube channel or he doesn’t give them the name of the new account. Then I would put in question everything Doinnovation has done until this moment, his own account or any other high level account he is managing or has ever managed.

Ah ok, i didn’t know…excuse me…but as said, I highlighted the post to Jona once again…

its no big figured id point it out to the large number of people who will see this aswell as jona himself

Tran Son Hai, with youtube channel “son hai Tran” (you can see in the above link to the video) is Doinnovation.




No comment…


But it is only an example that how far someones can come with this practice.

We will look into the situation. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We understand how serious the situation has become to our players and will take action accordingly.

so next update 10 scrolls gain zero gem and ruin the game even more .

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lol multiple high ranking accounts and auto plowing nothing like screaming that your a cheat everywhere but in front of flare itself…maybe this time he doesnt get the gems back?

=)). only play a lot of acc on PC. continues report. hehe. :wink:

i don’t plough gems. only buy gems. you don’t think only you pay real money for game. :wink:

who know? really? =)) so let’s report. i don’t plough any gems. buy all. if you clever. do my acc banned. ok?

i don’t creat this accounts. IF i plough. i don’t stupid to creat accounts have name doinnvationxx. someone want accusation me.

this video i made it long time ago. now don’t have gems in this acc. i only want to say i bought all gems in this acc. do not die in account level 10. so can not drop gems. i don’t stupid to show this video and you can accusation me. ok? if you are good. play game and don’t talk about other players if don’t have proof. i just want to say. i bought gems in this acc

lol yes of course someone spends hours of their time to make them to blame you when you post a video of a low ranked account with over 200k gems… and have been seen saying its ok to plow that you wont get banned. yes you buy some i know this but you plow more then you buy its ok, this is a game to you to see if you can just laugh in flares face more…


proof there are screen shots of you saving its ok to plow how this not proof?

@doin: noi lam gi nua. Give jona this acc id. So he’ll check it.

Proof? Ample proof was provided a while ago (all posted on the old Getsatisfaction forum) that Doinnovation ploughed gems and advertised to sell ploughed gems among VN players. It’s all archived and leaves no question. Jona is very familiar with all of it.

Were there “Microsoft vouchers” to cover part of his purchases? Apparently, yes.

Did he post proof of spends for a tiny sliver of his gems? Yes.

Is Doinnovation encouraging others to plough? Yes, see screenshots.

Is Doinnovation posting that one can plough without any consequence from Flare? Yes, see screenshots.

Is Doinnovation posting video “from a long time ago” from an ID with over 200k gems that he won’t divulge, suggesting in open forum they are ploughed; but then suggesting they were all bought legitimately after being accused they were ploughed? - based on his own words? Yes.

Why is Doinnovation the subject of so much (self-inflicted) negative attention and scrutiny? See screenshots. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with rank or gameplay, and is entirely justified.

The bottom line is: players *hate* ploughing. The only ones who don’t think it is synonymous with “cheating” are those doing it, or those who are friends with the players who do. Doinnovation thinks players can plough (and even suggests they should) without any consequences, and that Flare will merely turn its head. But somehow this issue continues to emerge; and somehow Doinnovation continues to be (put himself? See screenshots) at the center of it.

So far, the only major loss is to the game and the developer/publisher, which has lost players, revenue and carries a somewhat sullied reputation in the minds of its players (and ex-players) because of this practice and how it - and those behind it - have never been fully addressed.