Something is very wrong is going with your game flare

maybe it wouldnt be so damn funny to them if anonymous shut their servers down for a bit


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@Killemog: Typo! Corrected it in my post. Of course it should have read: “I don’t understand why Flare doesn’t…”


Thank you for the polite way to point it out.

not sure how polite it was a my political correctness meter has run out and now your comment makes great sense! lol


also interesting to note that when you changed your post it changed quote of that post :slight_smile:

any news flare games?


I’m in solidarity, too. I’ve stopped making purchases.


The game is purposed for slow build, work your way up, get experienced, and show some skill.

Bump … this needs to be kept alive

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Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


The Player  Doinnovation is always on the hotseat

since the day he defeated the top 10 bases like bases of Mr_Uae, Master E, Humdrumbug, Snikt and others.

What the first thing they did in get satisfaction forum?

complaint about him and accused him of being a hacker and plougher.

Since then he become a very popular player. Flare checked his account and he was cleared.

But because of those accusations, eventhough he is a legitimate and a PAYING player

He still got a bad name until now.


Last August-september 2014 in getsatisfaction forum,

Snikt accused Doinnovation that his entire account

was built through ploughing gems…

But Pete replied to him, that his allegations and accusations we’re all wrong.

(Note: I didn’t have screenshot but you can search that reply in getsatisfaction forum.)

But that statement from Pete is not enough

 even if he is cleared and legit, players never stop to accused him, bully him, harass him,

torment him, oppresss him and wants to ban him.

Players never stop complaining about him.

Is it right to do that? to hurt this player? go on complaint more, bully more, harass more

if thats make all of you happy.


“Illegal Ploughing”? How can you say is it illegal when Flare open the back door for it?

That is a rediculous statement.

Flare design that system. That’s why a lot of players who have lots of time to play are doing it.

And for  flares its alright to do it.

Close that door and they will stop.

Its easy to say " hey players please stop ploughing, its illegal"  but do you think they will follow?

No they will not. Unless Flares have lots of time to check every player accounts.

Do you think all more than 400k players will read that reminder?

Not all of them only a few and only players who are active in the forum, maybe less than 5%.

If hackers has a way through flares system, what more this simple ploughing?

They will always be hackers and ploughers. If they caught, they can still create a new accounts.

Flares can’t stop ploughers, unless they will close that backdoor.


and (Note: The video link that Mr. UAE posted, the account with 200k gems was purchased legally , Flare checked it)

Note: there lots of players out there who is always willing to spend tons of money for this game.

Its not only for the most active, most popular or for the top 100 but its also for a new player who is crazy for this game.

And If i remember, Flares said that they generate a lot of incomes from players in Asia, they spent a lot of money in this game.

Well youre clearly watch too much madam Secretary avery(hehe)

Well Silver, I don’t  make a post, comment and TALK  too much, not like other players here. 

But I DO READ and Watch  :wink:

Consider factchecking your conclusions, Avery.

Your recollection of Pete’s comment is inaccurate (the message was his “entire” account wasn’t built on ploughed gems), and there is transparent evidence (screenshots, etc) suggesting he was both ploughing and selling ploughed gems. You might check the source you’re citing before arguing from it.

Accusing this individual has nothing to do with his ability to beat my base, or anyone else’s. Humdrumbug was able to beat my base at that time: we’re now allies and chat daily. Same with Mischreiber; and yet we’re friends. Many others were and are able to beat my, MasterE, UAE’s bases, etc. Yet, none of them are accused of hacking, ploughing, cheating. That’s because good players receive respect, as they should - whether allies or opponents. This individual is a different case, as you point out; but clearly for different reasons. The initial accusations stand, and for the reasons originally stated. To suggest I would accuse someone falsely solely based on their raiding ability is itself an unfair and slanderous accusation.

The individual’s screenshot did have validly purchased gems. This isn’t surprising: in the past he produced screenshots showing transactions and has said he had Microsoft vouchers, etc. Jona confirmed those gems were legit, and so they are. No one is contesting this individual purchased gems!

But so what? 200k is a very modest amount of gems if you’re completely maxing your base. It takes many times that to attain Level 103, 17 workers, etc., which is where this individuals base was last Summer when I wrote that original post. The workers alone would take almost half that number! Is it possible all those gems were purchased (for at least several thousands of USD)? Given the evidence, not really, no.

But again, the accusation had (has) nothing to do with a quantity of gems, whether some gems were validly purchased, etc. The original post on Getsatisfaction spells out the details. There were no unfair accusations. And in fairness to this individual, he was not the only one: not even close. But, he was the proudest of what he had created, posted the most detail on it in full public view, and that’s how he became the example.

Pete did explain then that ploughing was ok; and later it was clarified it was ok if not done using third party applications (auto-ploughing). Of course, manual ploughing was made far, far more time-consuming with some mechanical changes in the opening levels of the game, so Flare knows that they’ve left would-be ploughers with no choice but to do something that has been banned. Manual ploughing today as about as time-consuming as watching videos for gems. For all practical purposes, ploughing has been banned.

The reason this issue won’t die: players hate ploughing. They think its cheating and that those who did it were/are cheating. There are free players, there are paid players, and then there are players who built accounts (at least in part) on ploughed gems. There’s little respect for the rank or position of those players because they exploited the game to get where they are.

At this point, as I said: ploughing is more or less impossible unless its being done in a way that has been banned. Anyone using automated means of doing it should be as well. According to this individual himself, up til a few months ago many players were auto-ploughing. Flare should audit accounts, follow the gems and discover who is breaking this rule and take action. That is the fair and just course of action that would show all other players that their investment of time (and usually money) hasn’t been a waste. Letting old accounts built (at least in part) on ploughing comtinue to exist seems unfair; but since the practice was technically “legal”, those accounts should stand. How those accounts and players are perceived is another matter largely of their own making.

Aside from that, I’m not sure there’s any point in retreading the past over and over like this. If the original post at Getsatisfaction is there, historians can unearth it to read.

What would help this community move on? 1) A clear and thorough statement from Flare that all ploughing - in any past or future form - is banned and that players engaging in it will be banned. 2) An audit of suspected accounts (we’ve already discussed how this could be done) going back to the point where auto-ploughing was banned and the removal of any guilty parties would be an appropriate next step.

So just that you all are aware - Flaregames is auditing accounts and they are banning them!


I got banned for watching too many Videos and using Tapjoy a lot. I never did plough any single Gem because it feels wrong to me.

I seriously think that with Video and Tapjoy Flaregames makes some good Money - for sure much less than with direct purchase but anyway they earn their Euros.


However they’ve banned me anyway and they don’t give a statement at all.


I now that Sn1kt and others thinks that players who don’t use their wallet to Play the game have not earned any respect - but I wonder for what the respect should come if one pays real Euros for winning a game. I think it has been mentioned many times. Beeing high in Leaderboard in such games is a mix of different investement components such as: money, time, tactics, playing skill, intelligence, social behaviour, bly bla bla…


Now you are allowed to shoot on me. Typically nobody ever unhides himself!

“Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”

I find getting banned for watching to many videos hard to believe, Was there any tap joy exploits you took advantage of? They don’t ban people lightly without real strong evidence. I wonder what you did? Third party application for other things maybe  :grinning:


Was you a high level king? As in what time and effort did you put in? Could it have been mistaken identity?


It’s bad if you was legit, fight it to the end. On the other hand it’s great they are kicking out the cheaters of any kind. Roll on update 1.07 woohoo.

You are suggesting you watched videos that were available though the game and used Tapjoy (non-VPN?) as offered through the game without any “creative” attempts to exploit either media for additional gems and Flare banned you for it?

This seems completely contradictory to the “if the game let you do it, we won’t ban you for it” doctrine Pete laid down originally for ploughing.

That you are banned with no accompanying explanation suggests this is a mostly arbitrary guess. Regardless of circumstances though, a notice of some kind seems in order.

With respect, you don’t “know” that; because that’s not how I view this at all (can’t speak for others).

Using one’s “wallet to play the game” has *nothing* to do with respect. If someone wishes to pay or not, it is their perogative. Playing free is an expenditure of time; paying to play (which itself is a huge spectrum and hardly a “yes/no”) entails an expenditure of time and money.

Players, in both cases, are allocating capital and incurring costs. I’ve spent in the past because time > money. But I worked productively to earn that money; so IMO there is and always has been a negligible distinction. SorinMC, for example, is my friend and ally and I have great respect for him as a player, but he’s an all-but-free player.

On the other hand, there are some players who have very likely ploughed to complete much of the overall leveling progression in their account that are very good raiders. Yes, they’re very good.cBut the perception is that they cut huge corners to get where they are; and when they’re scrolling, who knows if those are ploughed gems or not? Maybe they’re very highly ranked; but their rank is built on the use of gems that were ploughed. The point is: who knows? It’s that skepticism exploits and hacks introduce into a pvp game that poisons the well irreparably unless the Dev takes steps to clear matters up. There’s a culture of suspicion that lies at the feet of those who used exploits to do things others worked diligently to accomplish. That hollows their “achievements”.

I would like to “respect” them; but sportsmanship in a contest of skill (which is what this game is, once all this nonsense is stripped away) is indispensable. Exploiting loopholes and even trafficking in gems for personal gain is like doping in baseball or FIFA or the Tour de France. Even if it weren’t banned, players/contestants regard it as disgraceful. On that point, sentiment is overwhelmingly clear.

I never said that i was not “creative”. All i said is that i was never ploughing a single Gem. I used “Video for Gems” and Tapjoy and yes i was “creative” enough to use this more than what would be called “standard”. For that reason I guessed beeing banned and not having technical difficulties to connect…


Anyhow yes I would love to hear from Flare why I got banned.


To me It’s really a mystery why Flaregames is not making a Statement about Ploughing, not Setting rules instead insisting on their silence about this discussion. In addition banning accounts and not making Statements seems to me a like non-existing strategy. I mean most of the online games that I know have some written rules.



its been to long maybe you think we will lose interest in the topic but this isnt happening…

@Avery, I have just picked this up as I am currently away from home, the comment that you made in respect of me complaining about doinnovation beating my base is unfounded, at that time I didn’t even know ploughing existed, or that he may or may not have taken advantage of it. The only comment I can recall in respect to him was questioning why the game was set up in such a way that a high level king could stay low deliberately in order to strip trophies from other kings. I don’t know for sure if Doinnovation or any other king has ploughed gems, but I do know I haven’t.

The above being said, like a number of players who have paid for gems I feel it is wrong to allow ploughing to go unpunished or at the very least not to make a statement about the in game legality of following the practice. If it is fair and legitimate, great we can all have a go, I could certainly do with the gems, as I won’t be buying any more until this issue finally put to rest.

Flare Games are there some news to share with us?

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