Something new

1-At the start of your defense path a portal has opened and 6 new pals have entered and they are about to bring with them a plethera of help and power


2-Darkness covers your kingdom,  all the villagers run and hide and your troops too afraid to fight off what comes with this darkness but its what at the gate will shake your kingdom to its core.  


Join me at 12:00pm for the unvail of this new idea. 


See you soon

Your kingdom is mine


May be introduce new spell  -  flood 

When we use it , the water like flood or tsunami come from tent  flush all units comes in the path

Hey that spell was already added

No, that’s in Olympus Rising. The only thing similar to the Flood Spell would be the Blizzard, and that doesn’t even do what a flood would

What if twilight sparkle, pinkie pie,  rarity, applejack, fluttershy and rainbow dash was in rr2

Haha…I hope you’re joking

How about endless path attack.

Hero with army going and going in a same path with different level.

Longer the hero reached , better the rewards.

I like it, a new game mode. This game definitely needs new modes to be able to survive