Something odd happening with holiday chests

Today I opened a holiday pal chest, and tomorrow’s chest–which was a holiday chest–turned into a pal chest. It seems the month’s calendar advanced by one pal chest. Not sure if this is an actual change or just visual. Playing on Windows 10.

Windows 10 here too and having same issue. Thought it was fixed, but still seems wonky. 

It is like this with me also, but it’s not a big deal, just a visual change, once you collect the chest it will work

If you playing on windows/wp, calendar uses your LOCAL time to show chests.

But, new day begin at UTC+0 for all windows users (i.e. daily chests, 1 easter gem, expire festival’s day…).

So at this period between your UTC+N hours and UTC+0, calendar shows wrong data

(or between UTC and UTC-N)



Thanks mss73, I see it now.

Yup I got a Uber Pal chest :slight_smile:  same if this chest don’t appear on my calendriar on my iPad with my level 51 I got Irmgram and PC I got Bucky. Never heard of him until now. Tammy was useful in the past but useless if you have Irmgram. His knockout spell + Healing spell is so much overpowering in low level. I can destroy just alone without any troops or just with fews not much. Just let’s the pal do the job. He cast a kind of giant wall and destroy all around but I notice you must face the target. He cast his giant wall where your king look. So be careful on that.

he is crazy at level 3 so if you have the food and up him at level 8,9 and 10 just close your eyes and win all your raid same the full boosted base. I really hope to find him on my main