Something to do when your not in war and everything is upgrading

Flare why don’t make something like a mini game in royal revolt 2. Something that will make players come online to do when war is till 5 days and when all workers are working for 6 days.

Some players have all workers working and war is in 5 days and they don’t come to play until the upgrades are finish but some are busy some get inactive.

maybe you could make like a game like the dungeon where you have to run and dig for gold and gems or the gold and gems could be hiding and your king have to fight  ogre’s , mummy and werewolf to win and save some knights or paladin to bring them back to their kingdom.

Or make it some like a story.

or make the mini game something like warriornator story about royal revolt

please don’t ignore this topic

I think it’s not necessary to add prizes to it, we only need something to entertain us if we want to play the game a bit more but we have no reason to raid.

yes you don’t need prizes


we don’t have to play it only when boring

I would suggest a monthly map where only pearls can be won for each quest you complete. For completing a map, I would give a reward of some gems, It also rewards players with lack on pearls. Every month the map resets, so challenges start all over. To make it exciting, randomize the quests.

I would make several levels of the map.

  • Novice -> without any boosts
  • Easy -> Only a few normal boosts
  • Moderate -> including war boosts
  • Expert -> Include season boosts
  • Suicidal -> Include forges on troops and buildings

The stronger level you pick, the higher the reward per challenge. And to make it doable for lower players, I would start with very easy levels, even doable for them (at novice level) to beat some quests, for them it also must be nice.

Exactly the same idea of what I have proposed few day ago :slight_smile: with different level of difficulty but your idea of a World map its really good

there should be a king with his sword and he will fight until he reach a level and get a mini map.

and maybe a little prize like 5 gems or 50000 gold because we can’t ask for too much