Sometime all Spell improvments go to (+0.00)


if I improve spells with pearls sometime (+ 0.00s) is displayed, the improvment goes on to third place behind ,

It would be nice if I saw then the third place.

Thanks for your check & support!




Yes, this would be great… mainly with the skull perks.

–>are there any other players who would like the change?

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Of course! sure!

Hi there,
We won’t do that, because when such a state is reached, players should consider spending their currency in another item instead because the mathemathical advantage that you would gain from this is really tiny.

And it also would look kinda sad to see something like +0,001s. :smiley:

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:relaxed::upside_down_face::wink: Thanks for the devs answer, but i have to say +0,00 is more frustrating.

@Madlen the thing is to reach max spell pearl values, you need to improve the spells in 0,001

like pal flute -> battlycry or poision slowdown -> that spell are stay in 3,9s for months,
to see how long will it still take, will be nice

i understand the idea to stop wasting pearls but atm many high level payer i know are sad about +0,00, including me :disappointed_relieved:

For almost any perks on items that might be true, however… skull perks really are an exception to this.

Difference between having items with skull percentage 6.60% or close to 7% really makes a difference.

Having 5 times skull percentage of 6.60% means 33% total skull percentage and per raid this displays 1350 skulls. With 5 times 7% 1370 skulls per raid can be gained. Just do raids plus become champion and the difference in skulls is a lot and that’s just for 1 individual player.

Since top wars are decided on a few skulls, the advantage for players with higher skull percentage is immense.

I disagree with the statement that the advantage in case of additional skull perk percentage is tiny. Why otherwise there are players that have a skull percentage close to 35%?

That’s why in case of skull perks it would be appreciated to show us how many forges are required before reaching next 0.01% addition

Here a simple overview what skull percentage means on skulls per raid. The difference is immense


thanks Dena4, nice table …
oh i had to spend a lot of perls … i stay at 32,4% skulls

That list isn’t hard to create. What I put between <> is a formula, that you enter in the cell without <> So <=A1+1> you enter as =A1+1

I use an English Excel, so in other languages formulas can be different.

Just open an Excel tab sheet and start at A1. Put 1015 in there. At A2 you enter <=A1+1>
Drag down A2 till A356. Now you will see numbers from 1015-1370 appear.
Go to column B header click it and use Format Cells… Pick percentage with 2 or 3 digits. Select cell B1 and enter <=((A1/A$1)-1)>

Take column B1 and drag down towards B356. There you go, skull percentages needed for skulls represented in column A.

Now it gets interesting. Add your skull percentages in another column.
Say In column E you put the descriptions and in column F you add the actual values.
I will give my example.
E1 Cape, E2 Weapon, E3 Gloves, E4 Ring, E5 Belt
In column F I put the actual values for my situation.
F1 6.57%, F2 6.57%, F3 6.60%, F4 6.31%, F5 6.60%

In cell F6 just enter <=Sum(F1:F5)>
Format cell F6, H6 and I6 as a percentage with 2 digits.

In Column G6 I want the actual skulls per raid. enter <=ROUNDDOWN(100%+F6)*A1,0)>
There you go, in my case it becomes 1346. Now I want to now skull percentage needed for an additional skull. Enter in H6 <=Round(((G6+1)/A$1),100%,4)>.
In cell I6 you enter <=H6-F6>
There you go, skull percentage still required for next level. To spice things up, select row 7. Select View panel in the menu and select Freeze Panes. Now you can scroll down to check skulls per raid and required skull percentage, while your current skull percentage are always on screen.

You get an overview like this

I use it to determine how many percentage I still need for an extra skull. Only thing required is to keep skull percentages per item up to date.

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Forging skull perks is the main focus of pearl spending in the endgame (king lvl 110+).
Over time, we’re talking dozens/hundreds of forges for each item.
After 6.60% (32% total), each additional forge shows “0.00%”. Since we need to keep going, this means we’re forging blindly for the next 100s forges. We know it’s adding up, but we never know how much.
It would help and it would be motivating to see 0.001% on new skull perk forges. I think these perks should be the exception and show 3 decimals when forging.