Sometimes after applying rune,it don't change stats!

So i applied increased unit attack rate rune to ogre,after applying it ogre’s attack rate was same as before.i don’t know if it’s visual bug only or not.
Also i know we can’t apply same kind of rune 2 times in 2 rune slots,here i already forged ogre attack rate few times but that’s diffrent,right?,if that’s why we not allowed to use same kind of rune? if that is so then this rune should not be shown in units->ogre. I attached before after screenshots,attack rate stayed same 0.34 even after applying rune!
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Android,samsung galaxy tab a 2017

1% to 2% attack rate boost on ogres. It is a silly task that you did just now.
1% of 0.34 means… (1/100)*0.34= 0.0034 BENEFIT
The Attack Rate have two decimals means, 0.34 your ogres normal rate+0.0034 your ogres attack rate after applying the rune = 0.3434
SO, it won’t be visible man.
It is not a display bug but a foolishness of putting strike rate to ogres.

I see but you don’t need to troll & try to offend anyone,first of all it’s just a game,I didn’t calculate all maths before applying,I just thought ogre has enough health,attack,so applying increased attack rate rune will be better.however little it changes,and anyway forging,rune apply will change little in any case.

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No matter bro! It is good that you understood it! I wasn’t trolling, but explaining you that it isn’t a bug!

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