Sometimes it is nice to be mistaken.

Hello Dears

Sometimes I ask myself foolish questions. I was not super fighter or a great player. 

anyway, they do not have a point.

Why do I insist on playing this game. why is a problematic human being.

My intuition is very strong. Leaders and generals often lie to each other. and I do not know why they did it.

I often have super-strategic ideas about war. 

I am tired of pretending to be an [word removed - inappropriate] when I share these ideas with leaders and generals. I think I am a problematic warrior for these reasons.

I can act like an [word removed - inappropriate]. I can only participate in wars and make donations. 

but this is not a warrior spirit for me.

to develop new ideas to apply new tactics. I like them. I hope there are people who think like me.

I just wanted to share my troubles because I am so bored.

and today I wanted to use my stupidity.


stay happy all ?

U should leave ur alliance if u have problems with ur leader and gens. Don’t stick around just to get better boost and alliance rewards if u think they dont appreciate your input

It is a game. It’s not supposed to make life worse for you. If you’re not happy with the game BECAUSE of your alliance, then pick one that you would be happy to be with. If you fit the requirement, I would recommend @Dena4 alliance. He is a gentleman that cares about all his members.

She is with fine people now, trust me. 

Your right so I applied your suggestion ?

hey, this awesome ? so i am trust you dear ??

The alliance orko is in is a good one! Great way to learn how to play hard and have fun at the same time

Yes, Orko is really great. there is a nuisance. I was in alliances but they did not want me because my age is too small. but there is something that should not be forgotten. The mind is not old, it is in the brain. ?? this is ridiculous.