Sonic Blast Aura Ring

Here I go again ?
Sonic Aura Ring:

It takes 2 Hammerstrikes to destroy a Lightning Tower, and 1 hit takes over half the HP of the tower, so it’s less than 30k blunt damage needed to destroy it. Shouldn’t a ring with 4.056 blunt damage per second destroy the tower in less than 8 seconds?

Why it takes ~16 seconds for the aura to destroy the tower? On that duration it should have dealt almost 65k damage!


PS: I repeated the test without the trap there, to let the sonic aura damage only the tower: same result

They know nothing about their own game. Looks like they just put some random numbers on gears, spells whatever. It’s flare logic. Makes no sense

They have nerfed everything with this latest update, just take a look at the other posts on the site!! They appear to have no idea and no clue what they have done to kill the game even more !!

I get what you’re saying, but this is not how it works in this game.

10k damage from one damage source does not necessarily have the same effect as 10k damage from another damage source of the same nature.

It should have the same effect, of course, but it doesn’t.

So I’ve learned to not care about the number displayed in the stat screens. What matters is the actual in game effect you get.


In your video, the sonic aura ring actually destroys the tower in the correct amount of time if we desregard that LTs have 100% weakness to blunt damage.

It took about 17-18 seconds to destroy it. 18x4=72k damage which is about the health of a LT.

They forgot to take into consideration the blunt effect for this ring, or something like that.


But they just can`t put in there some random numbers … 

Can’t they? :wink:

Hey everyone,

I can assure you we did not just put in random numbers, something must have broken the formula @____@

We are going to retest all the auras as soon as possible and try fixing the issue.

If Flare can’t fix it promptly, then I suggest to reset the game back to 4.1. The additional stuff 4.2 brings really isn’t that important anyway.

Please also take a look at the heal aura, Rina.

Just like pointed by Lacuna, it’s healing nothing, or almost nothing compared to it’s shown value:

Sorry for posting your comment from the other thread @LacunaC.

I just wanted to make sure they took a look at this issue too.


The game was playable before the update, but now it’s unplayable again. Every update brings more bugs than improvements. Go ahead and keep working on your  conquest and mess up the rest of the game. Good job as usual

Glad to see you/Flare acknowledging the isse.

Hope to get a fix soon.

Auras were things spotted by users. Was it just a bug? Or mayby a glimps of upcoming changes? Are there mayby more suprises?

We hope to have some feetback about this situation. PLEASE :slight_smile: