sonic blast range & firebolt tower behind wall

how far away is the firebolt tower placed behind barricade?

i upgraded my sb range, from 2,45 to 2,5.

how much range i need so i can destroy firebolt tower (and later on lightning tower) behind barricade?



I guess 3.0 but i’m not sure

Should be 3.0. Firestorm has such range and can do it

Yeah, firestorm is the only “touch and go” spell that’s ever been able to hit firebolt towers beyond an obstacle before this update, and only once it’s started upgrading the range at level 10 or 11, I forget exactly what.

+5 range enough

So five improvements of range does the trick? That is interesting info. My only problem now is to find enough pearls for 5+ upgrades.

So how about, how much range needed, to get firebolt tower behind corner?  (for example tower placed top-left on L-shape corner)


2.7 range to touch firebolt or lightning tower behind a blockage

can somone verify this 2.7 range? was judging off a snake tower which is 3 and looked close to that


edit: nvm its a mod that posted i didnt realize that  XD mods should be right


2.7 is true at 100%

Yeah, Pelle is definitly right. +10% range will do the trick.

Hi, you need 10% more range

2.45 is standard SB range according to your wiki page. With this knowledge I can expect rounding on 2 decimals, why otherwhise the range would be 2.45.

Let’s calculate. Here the calculations with 2% improvement every upgrade we get 0,049 extra range and we start with 2.45 after zero upgrades

Upgrade of range:

  1. 02% => 2.499 => 2.5
  2. 04% => 2.548 => 2.55
  3. 06% => 2.597 => 2.60
  4. 08% => 2.646 => 2.65
  5. 10% => 2.695 => 2.70
  6. 12% => 2.744 => 2.74
  7. 14% => 2.793 => 2.79
  8. 16% => 2.842 => 2.84
  9. 18% => 2.891 => 2.89
  10. 20% => 2.940 => 2.94
  11. 22% => 2.989 => 2.99
  12. 24% => 3.038 => 3.04

When range is rounded on 2 decimals, I would say 5 times. I expect 5 times is the correct answer. If we know the distance, we know how many times the range should be improved. If that’s for example 3.0, then 12 times is required, since 11 times just miss 0.01 to hit it. You need 22 range forges to get 3.5 range on SB.

I don’t know, whether the calculation is done before or after rounding, but i can confirm, that 5 times forging the range is indeed sufficient for reaching firebolt and lightning towers behind barricades. The advantage is huge and everybody should do that with highest priority. As you told in the other thread, you opened 6 free legendary chests in a row. Then you must have gotten a nice amount of pearls, too :wink:

I’ve had 2.7 SB range for a while already and I can confirm this info, that’s what’s needed to reach Firebolts and Lightnings behing barricades/blockades.

After I’ve reached this level, which opened up new possibilities and strategies for attacking, I’m interested if someone knows what level should a spell be to reach a TOWER maybe even a firebolt in a trap position?

Is it even possible for SB to reach that range?

A trap position is pictured in the SS below, where you can see that SB clearly doesn’t reach the tower…

P.S.: Yeah, I know everyone uses the L base, :slight_smile:

Also I checked Firestorm range and it’s not 3 as someone stated but 2.45, and clearly doesn’t reach it!

I’m also very interested on knowing how much range is needed for that, and what about the necessary range for a FB or LN? Obviously it will be different from others.

And you’re Firestorm’s range is 2.45 if you have it on level 10 or lower, level 11 already has 3.05.

Max range for firestorm(lvl17)range 5.5,it can reached the placed u stated

And all spell that have the closest range(2.45)if forge +10 can reach the tower behind barricades or blockades