sonic blast & update

what is max lvl of sonic blast and what is special in RR2 2.0 VERSION

You can find all those answer in here youtube, wiki. Don’t be lazy.

Max level of sonic blast is 8 currently with 7,276 blunt damage, with the new update there will be probably +2 levels so the damage effective you’ll discover so on ^^

Don’t u just love it when someone ask a question and they just get told “don’t be lazy” have you ever stopped to think that not everybody likes looking at wiki and would rather enjoy a conversation with somebody that already knows??? I’m on DML forum and this same thing happens.

Opelle actually help the person while kietster just assumed they lazy see the difference ? FYI everybody don’t like going to wiki it’s like getting a computer on a phone call instead of a person for service. Thanks Opelle for handing it correctly.

@Archangel85 : you just spammed the forum, not giving an answer… (this post does the same but you asked for it).

No one knows the answer yet, in that video we just assume it’s +2 levels on units and spells but it’s not something set in stone. Also, lazy people should be banned from the internet and the OP surely is one!


New levels from video: -> Link here (on this forum)!

Opelle has infinite patience. No one has so much patienceHe fills more than half of the wiki, and even patience has come to see and respond to each question here.


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Don’t get me wrong. I have things I don’t know I would post the question here, but before I do that I searched through Google and here so I don’t waste anyone time. Most of us would like to see an interesting question to start the conversation. The OP obviously a waste of bandwidth.