Sonic Blast

I unlocked Sonic Blast quite a while a go and I was pretty excited because everybody was saying that it was the most powerfull spell in the game. Now, a few weeks/months later, I honestly still don’t prefer to use it. I still rely on my good old Firestorm (level 10) and Swordrain (level 10) for raides in the 3200 trophy range. These two spells do I find more helpfull than Sonic Blast (level 3). Can somebody tell me what’s the max level and max damage of Sonic Blast and more important at what moment it becomes more powerfull than the two spells I use?



The max level of Sonic Blast is 6 with a total of 4,657 damage, it’s very powerful against a lot of towers, remember that tower at level 9 are very high defenced so also sonic blast feels this effort in breaking them. With sonic blast and also bladestorm you can “touch & go” the towers and other things instead of staying there to break them to save time.

Firestorm is powerful at max level but take too much time to destroy firebolt tower or anything else. I personally stop to upgrade it (at lv.5) when i discovered the sonic blast so i prefered to use the last one.


Swordrain, instead, is powerful against for example gargoyles or froster or pyromancer, so troops that have few life. And also it has an high range so you can also stay behind some meters because it hit the same.


Sonic Blast become a “Must” for example against very strong base because maybe the towers have a lot of health or there are too many troops, etc… or also when there are too many tower in a corners you can destroy them in a few seconds BOOM!


I personally use heal, bladestorm and sonic blast like combination because i think they are very powerful while i use these against other bases, of course you need to equip the right conbination of spelles such you prefer and such you are able to do with them.

These are my feelings! Good luck!



feels this effort in breaking Whe instad 



feels this effort in breaking

well im a rare player as i use sonic blast, swordrain and heal


swordrain at one level from the new max is super powerful against enemy waves clearing non monster or paladin waves in one go which i still use in the 4200 trophy range


if you personally prefer a spell over others that have alot of hype use it as i used hammerstrike all the way to the 3700 trophy range and still like the spells ease of use.

Whether Sonic Blast (SB) is necessary or best isn’t entirely straightforward. When you’re up against bases where everything is maxed, you’ll know exactly why it is used by nearly everyone. That said, other spell combinations at earlier levels can make it entirely optional as you’ve discovered.

  • Hammerstrike with its faster cooldown or Blizzard with its combination of blunt-like damage, slow effect and impact on Firebolt (FB) towers are potential substitutions
  • On the troop side, a strategy using cannons could effectively substitute for use of SB
    There is a similar dilemma with the use of defensive spells: heal, stun, and shield. Both stun and shield are great; but using them with similar effectiveness to heal is highly specialized; and tactical mistakes while using them are much more costly.

Ultimately, a base with e.g. 6 Skulls at 26k hp, 3 Snakes at 22k, 7 FB towers at 18.5k and 12 maxed blockades is going to be incredibly difficult to clear without SB. Other spells are great, but can’t quite fill SB’s shoes. Firestorm is awesome against troops and FBs; but just isn’t versatile enough, especially against stone. Max level Swordrain is incredibly strong against max troops and can minimize the distraction and danger they pose if its well-timed; but once they’re out of the way you still have to efficiently dole out massive blunt damage - and you really only have one other viable option (cannons - so be sure you come with adequate leadership and focus to spawn them early and often and that they don’t get distracted or caught up in an arblaster-filled chokepoint!). I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to raid well as you climb into the higher levels of the leaderboard without SB, but it’s a task that becomes more and more difficult as the base leveling progression goes on.

By the way: just in case you’re interested in the stats and are unfamiliar: as a damage-over-time (DoT) spell with a 3-second duration, Sonic Blast’s blunt damage stat is expressed as damage per second (DPS). The stat you see in-game isn’t cumulative - to determine the full damage output, multiply by 3. This is like Firestorm and Bladestorm; and contrasts with “instant” spells like Swordrain, Hammerstrike and Blizzard.

Wow, if 4657 is the max damage, I understand why it is used so often! Until now my firestorm kills the FB towers way faster and I left the snake towers for my cannons to handle, but if sonic blast is maxed out I really would like to see what happens! Thanks for the answers, I just keep upgrading my sonic blast asap.

For firebolt towers, firestorm (at max lvl) might still be more effective than sonic blast, as firebolt towers have a 250% weakness against fire.

Though, firestorm doesn’t do that much damage against other towers like snake tower, skull tower, gargoyle tower (even resistance to fire), while sonic blast deals a lot of damage to any tower as it has 1. high base damage and 2. every tower has a weakness against blunt damage.

So firestorm is great against bases with lots of firebolt towers and some other structures that are weak against fire damage (barricades, arrow towers, frost towers), but once it is levelled up, sonic blast is just a powerful spell that works against quite everything, hence it is the preferred spell for high level / elite level players. 

But as Sn1kt already said, depending on what enemies you currently meet, other spells can at this time still be better or as good as sonic blast. Just make sure to give it a try every now and then to see what works out best for you. :slight_smile: