Sorry flare that i try to play as it is mentioned in terms

Sorry for not having the time to have 2 or more accounts,

Sorry for not having the time to study second by second the videos make by flothaboss or others about pro league

Sorry i try to play as it is mentioned in the terms you made me accepted by playing this game.

Sorry to see the big difference rewards and items people get out of chests

Sorry i have to see the problems that can’t be solved 

Sorry i try to understand i loose time and food, medals, trophies by the amount of bugs, crashes by the complexity a world wide online game can give

Only hope you understand, when it is a free game, most things above are acceptable,  but not when people have to pay for it



Perhaps it’s time you put this game on the backburner then?

Look I get it. I refuse to pay a single dime on this game til far more is fixed and set in stone (like the randomness of items/pals/gold-rewards etc. are being revealed in chests) or made for equal player pleasure across all platforms of operating systems, be it the robustness of the Video Ads system or subscription(s) available.

Upside is the game is free so if you put it aside you don’t loose cash on it.

I changed way of playing allready.

When i hear people, who are in running for getting a star PL, got passed by 2nd account players in the last hours of the competition, got more and more disappointed (not me for clearance)

When i hear people, even in lower ranked ally, feel the changing in the way wars are fight, becomes more and more unhappy.

Pro boost becomes more and more important in this game, so only those who have much time to win DL, or those who spent money in it can stay at high level.  Not necessary to stay there of course.  

Before it was necessary to participate in wars and ninja to be in a team.  They higher ranked, the higher requirements of course.  

But now with the pro boosts, you are almost forced as team to get it weekly,  or your chance to win warboosts are much lower.

All the new things lately made people creative in finding solution.  But if these are the best for the game is another question

You should be sorry! You should feel honored to give flare your money (what’s stopping you from giving them ALL your money btw? You cheapskate)! Asking things of flare instead of worshipping the time-space it exists in proves what an uncivilised plebeian you are, you should be ashamed of yourself! Bloody ingrates! :angry:


Ik had het over gratis spelers die niet het geld en de tijd hadden, gewoon voor de lol speelden die werden geconfronteerd met het feit dat ze al veel tijd in hun basis doorbrachten en nu zien dat dingen veranderen op een manier die ze niet meer kunnen volgen met alleen maar gratis spelen voor amusement?

Of we zijn gedwongen om een grote kloof te hebben, omdat we niet in staat zijn om deel te nemen aan de wekelijkse pro league en de waardevollere items missen die je erin kunt krijgen.

We zien dat de basis veel gemakkelijker wordt voor mensen met pro-items

pro league was initially made to compare skills between players with same gear and outfit

now it becomes a weekly event, which ally’s with lot free players have the disadvantage not or get low lev boosts

initially pro items gave a bit more pearls than ubers, now almost 3x more

if flare want that the completely free players leaving the game, they are on the right say

my 1st post was ironical said, but maybe needed it more explanation

My post was 100% sarcasm. Perhaps I should’ve made it clearer. :lol:

But overall you have a point and I agree with you. Pro boosts seem to have ruined the game the most recently, it seems. Maybe free players that don’t feel like forcing themselves into every week’s pro league should look for a lower ranked alliance that isn’t as demanding, and let money players battle among themselves.

One thing though: why is half of your post in dutch (and why only half)? Autotranslators seem as spazzy as rr2. :open_mouth:

My tablet have an own  live when typing text?



You’d feel real silly if this was actually a correct translation. :stuck_out_tongue: