Sound Volume WAY too high

Is there a way to turn off sound in Olympus Rising? I can’t really listen to music while playing. 

You have to go to the community menu (first button at the right sideof your screen).

After scroll completely to the right and you can modify the sound in the settings.

Could you please post a screenshot of this button/menu? I’m having a bit of trouble finding it. 


The first of these buttons.

Then you scroll to the right and you will see the options menu.

How do you turn the volume down in game? When I launch the game in Windows the sound is so loud that it scares me, my dogs, and my neighbors.

Also when launched full screen how to you exit out of the game? I have to press ALT-F4 to exit.


You can go to the settings and reduce the sound there.

Just tap on the icon with the 3 heads to access the social menu, then scroll to the right to the options.

You can slide the bars to reduce the sound there.

If you are on a Windows 10 PC, mouse up to the top of the screen and click the bar which appears, you will then access the option to exit fullscreen mode.