South Park

 The Comedy Cenral show South Park pokes fun at games like Royal Revolt 2 in last weeks episode:

Freemium Isn’t Free

While, its my opinion that the game designers SHOULD be paid for the work they do, I still found it funny as hell.

What did you guys think?


watch it here:

I think this is true :slight_smile:

Nice one! :wink:


Though, I think that it pokes fun mostly at low-quality games where spending money on in-app purchases is the only action to bring fun.

RR2 can be played well as a free player and isn’t low quality. :grinning:

I watched it and personally i thought that episode was okay and 100% accurate , I just think it’s good that they exposed the truth on how these people are making their money from these tactics and how they work so that people are more aware of what they’re getting into when playing games that claim to be free etc.


I agree that indeed the people who make these games should be paid for their efforts no doubt, however there is always a fine line between being greedy and taking only what you need.


By the way guys Season 18 Episode 7 " Grounded Vindaloop " blew my mind. One of the best episodes yet, if you have not seen it yet i suggest you watch it, it’s so confusing.  ^_^

ya, that new one IS a trip.

I thaught i was just confused 'cuz I was drunk when i saw it. lolz