Space Cadet Alliance

I know, I know, yet ANOTHER new alliance :slight_smile:


We’re level 4 right now, brand new, needing members. 2 founding members are VERY active and were frustrated with alliances full of inactive members.


We offer:

-level 4 alliance, with enough gold to get up to level 6 or 7 already in the coffers 

-English speaking alliance of daily players

-Founder makes regular paid donations to allow for elite boosts, upgrading, etc

-Friendly team atmosphere. And we like space. So if you like space, sci-fi, science, etc even better :wink:

-Currently a 6% gold boost with just 2 members, so we’re poised to drastically increase that as our membership grows


You offer:

-no hero level requirements right now, new players welcome (we know how quickly active players rise in the ranks!)

-active players only 

-you must participate in War Seasons (within reason - we can’t all participate in every single battle, but players that regularly don’t contribute will be given warnings)

-you must be willing to donate regularly to help grow the alliance


Join us!

Send request to as many players as you can and yes be ready to face lots and lots of rejections.send request to those who do not have any alliance I.e those who do not have any symbol in front of their names.building an alliance is a difficult task that is why I suggest you guys to join an already established alliance.but anyways whatever you do

Good luck to you bro:)