Spammed forum

Ok, it seems some moments ago the forum suffered a wild attack from those bots that spam stuff in Asian languages most of us can’t understand, I flagged as spammer 8 accounts and that deleted like a lot of posts, some of them even made 7-8, almost 2 pages of General Discussions were filled with pure spam. To diminish the spam caused by these fake accounts (because it’s imposible to erradicate), I suggest decreasing the amount of posts a member is allowed to create daily, from 10 to 3 or 5. Because let’s get real, none of us makes such high amount of topics per day, even 5 is a lot, so that might help at least a bit.

Also I haven’t checked people’s posts recently, just marked the whole forum as read, I made a comment per day at most, but that’s only because I’ve been busy these days due to my studies, hopefully I can check you guys more, but I can’t promise anything.

And well, that’s everything that I wanted to say, maybe my suggestion can become reality. 

Good luck with the existence :slight_smile:  

I hope they are banning these miscreants at a rapid rate.

If we decrease it again, new players will be way too restricted to post. It is more likely to be an issue after updates/new versions.

And the restriction already only applies to accounts newer than 1 month… 

They Should Spam Dawn of Steel Forums, it is way too quiet over there :lol: 

Believe me, those fake accounts are banned immediately when an admin or mod sees their posts, if you see any of them, maybe nobody has connected.

I didn’t know the restriction was only for the newest accounts, and well, I still think it should be even more restricted, because not even enthusiastic new members on forums make 10 topics per day.

When there are troubles due to an update, believe me, it can happen :wink:

Hahaha ok, I believe you :wink: :wink:  


On my 1st day, I hit the limit within an hour :wink:

Although Topics can be restricted.

I did :slight_smile:

Royal Revolt 2 is a well polished piece of software, you are only talking in theory aren’t you :wink: :lol:

lol I did too :wink:  Except that the restriction did not exist when I joined the forums for the first time, as there weren’t any spammers.

There have been topics that reached over 200 posts in half an hour in the past #whyimgladimnotamoderator 

There is a restriction on the number of Likes you can give daily. Why not on number of topics?

Also, it’s so simple to apply a filter that recognizes non-Latin letters in any new topic as it’s sent for publishing on the forums. This filter can block all of that spam.

There is already a restriction for the amount of new daily topics for newly registered users.

Also the software doesn’t allow to filter on letters/words etc…

There’s already a restriction, but I suggest lowering that cap

I think Flare should limit the amount of topics you can post. The forum is getting flooded with posts written in strange Asian languages…


Lately I’ve found spam like this in English language too, they’re bothering. A limit on comments isn’t necessary, but a limit on post created, maybe 5 for accounts that aren’t older than 1 day.

Then their bots just spam more accounts, never ending battle sadly.

We need more moderators  :ph34r: