Special Elite Boost Discussion


To those that received the elite mummy boost - what do you think?


I think without a health boost they remain underpowered.  Perhaps I am crazy, but it seems the knights that come out receive splash damage or AoE damage at a higher rater than other troops around and seem to die very quickly (even boosted).


I very much like the concept of a Trojan Horse troop, but I’m not sure boosted mummy competes with other boosted units.  Every other boosted unit receives a health buff except mummy? 

I would also be interested to hear everyone’s take on their perception of “more frequent stun”, as I do not seem to observer this.

Lastly, am I crazy or do a different number of knights pop out in offense and defense?

I definitely see an increase in the stun rate! like probably even 100% more! I have always used mummy in my offence however so maybe that’s why I noticed


and also elite arblaster doesn’t get health upgrade. just ice damage/slow and heal effect

Personally with an elite lvl 5 mummy, i think it is quite nice. Offensive wise and defensive wise both are good, but u need to know how to use it. 


Initially i thought HP not boosted just sucks, but then , who needs a high hp mummy anyway, if they die fast , they gv u bunch (maybe around 10?) of healthy knights each with 4k hp (if u hv max lvl blazing knight) which i think is quite good overall. If you can make use this newly spawn knight , u can do many things  :grinning:


oh yeah, elite blaster also has the same hp, but with 50% ice resistant and 50% fire weak

I have elite mummy level 4 (or 5 I dont remember) in Todesritter and so far I love them most compared to arbs and doom gate , good in both offence (solo raid) and defence (more people fail on my easy base now)


Very hard to deal with the spawned knights when attacking base with mummy waves , they destroy troops rather quickly and you must have a spell ready to kill them.

higher the number of fiefdom , higher the lvl of ur elite boost. We have 42 fiefdom and mummy elite lvl 5

Cool thanks.  This is why I like the forum. Quick answers!

If you have maxxed elite knights then it is definitely worth it. Sometimes I spawn a mummy so it can die and I can get a bigger group of knights


Although I can’t spawn elite mummys in the very beginning of a raid. It doesn’t happen in test raids for me.

can anyone confirm this happens to them when raiding an enemy?

It’s always kinda funny going Elite Mummy vs. Elite Mummy. Whichever one loses first, the blazing knights immediately kill the other.

I think they are too hard. They die quite quick but of u have big waves the damage is high plus huge amount of knights even with Max blade and sonic I struggle in fact I fail because if I survive I’ve used both my spells and then can’t defend myself or attack towers.

The arbs are way too strong mainly the heal. If u hit a pack of 8 with Max blade by the time it’s killed the first few they have healed the ones behind and so I’ve used spell and still have 5+ to kill which slows me down or wounds me so much I retreat

Bases that I could attack or weak before suddenly require scrolls and tough bases before are in some cases undefeatable even if I used non stop scrolls on tests

Does flare actually test these before ?

You don’t kill elite arbs with BS or SB Gizmo , use Swordrain instead  :grinning:


Overall you might wanna change your raid combo entirely , I don’t think sonic blast is a must have spell now.Might even try and leave out defensive spell (shield or heal) and go with 3 offensive spells.

In defense elite mummy are pretty good … easy to kill but since they spawn when they die a small army, that’s like a new mini wave, which you need to get rid off again… it’s not hard, but you clearly lose some crucial seconds…


In attack, that sounds fun first, but actually it’s pretty unreliable. The mummy altogether is useless and what you expect is that it dies for having a few knights, which will break the barricades. At the beginning of the battle, you better spawn knights in this purpose (and for the price of a mummy, you get even a few more knights!)… in the middle of the battle, this may make sense but if your mummy just doesn’t die (yes because you are healing/shielding your other troops, etc.), then the mummy is actually nothing else than an obstacle through its slowness … pretty counter productive. The real use case of the mummy is either when you play rambo and run ahead of your troops but that doesn’t work unless you have a super strong hero (or at the opposite a very weak one at the beginning of the game), or otherwise, when you come at the doom gate … Very limited use case. Finally other units are more important for attacking.


To summarize, Elite Mummy is good for the defense, not for the attack - relatively similar for the Arblaster actually (but that’s not the topic)

The problem to take care is not too much Elite Mummy but what come next it: Knights or Elite Knights if activated, you need to pay attention from knights because you don’t know if they are boosted or not, you don’t know (if boosted) how much powerful they are ! So be careful ! Elite Mummy it’s pretty effective against Elite Barricade as i noticed, it helps you a little more to destroy them ! I like it under this point, but for its high cost of morale points, you need to have a strategy on how to use it. 

Also for low level king that has low speed of leadership, they have to pay more attention when cast it ! For a high level player that has more than 10K leadership, it shouldn’t be a problem. So the sad side is its costs of morale, but it isn’t so much bad. Now I think people when have the opportunity to win the war, will use every chance Surprise Mummy for its high benefict of spawn Knights ! It’s like you have a 4th troop in your box ! Otherwise will return to the other monsters (elite werewolf or elite ogre)

What are peoples views on the new gate? If you get there with troops and particularly cannons, and/or with a max Sonic Blast, I find gates are too weak and die so fast they cant react quick enough and throw out the various types of bombs so die before they can do much to defend themselves. 

So if u hv doom gate, u need to make sure cannon can’t get to gate then LOL


exactly, which is easier now with bomb towers and arbs its harder to protect cannons. which is why shield is a must. I must upgrade it asap

I edit the title and make this as thread to discuss all 3 special elite boost instead 

I think the doom gate is very good, I have few raids only 1 or 2 cannons + few archers and froster reach the gate. This is good enough to take down the gate normally, but doom gate can wipe my small troops before i can take down the gate. If the gate can kill a massive troops, that will be Over Power.


The arbs is hard to deal with if I don’t bring swordrains, does anyone know if two arbs die at the same time, will their heals stack?(eg to nearby units still alive) How far is the healing range?

I agree entirely. My monsters do relatively fine, but as soon as my mummy bursts into knights, it’s over XD Perfect counter to elite mummies.

As for the arb healing, the range is pretty big ._. I’d had an off-screen arb heal a paladin before. And I’m not sure whether or not they stack… That’d be hard to test XD But I don’t think they do. No matter how many Arbs I kill at once, I can still do net damage against paladins with Bladestorm + Sonic Blast. So I’m /pretty/ sure they don’t stack.