Special Event - Advisor's Choice

Hello Kings & Queens,

To help say we’re sorry for recent issues, we prepared something special for you.  Tomorrow at 09:00 UTC  we’re kicking off a special Advisor’s Choice event, where you’ll find these awesome bonuses:

  • 30% Cheaper & Faster Alliance Tower Upgrades
  • Alliance Gem Chest for each purchase
  • 40% Cheaper Blacksmith Forge Slots
  • 60% Cheaper Hero Item Slots
  • Earn 2x Experience
  • Dungeon digging time capped to 1 day

This event will be running until  09:00 UTC, Monday the 18th.

Have fun, and thank you again for your continued support!

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

@flaretara This looks like a really good event to help people improve their bases and get the castles up and going.  At my level, only the 2Xp (which is great) and the dungeon digging time apply but this should help a lot of people move up and become more competitive.

Regarding dungeon time, my dungeon had more than 5 days left.  Will it be lessened, or does everyone who started digging right away miss out? 

Great event! For new players like me the cheaper slots and alliance tower upgrade are fantastic. Couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

Are the discounts the same as in their individual events? I never remember…

Nope, better. Blacksmith is usually 30% off, now it’s 40%. Item slots are 60% instead of 50%…

Well hot damn. :open_mouth:

Too bad I can only upgrade one thing regardless… :slightly_frowning_face:

también que aya descuento de paquetes de gemas al 50% quiero comprar el de 20000 gemas…


It is strategy of flare : most will have 1 day remaining for dungeons : not that much gems, so lot will skip cd. 

Some months ago it was rare you got gems in war, now you have to look how much gems your defence won in war.

Lot people will think they make progress, but in war they have to use more and more gems at higher levels.

So flare give nothing real, but catch after each event more money.

But that is the purpose of a company  that would stay alive i guess ?


After they finallly held 40% discount for blacksmith slots, I need 2k gems more for 8th slot.  ?

also that aya discount of packages of gems to 50% I want to buy one of 20,000 gems .....


I think if you already have had a dungeon digging for more than 1 day, it should be counted as complete when the event starts.  Let everyone take advantage of the one day dig time and not penalize those who keep a worker on dungeons.

Started digging job in dungeon also reduced on 1 day. nice :slight_smile:

What the … again?

Some report time reduced, some not

i got the notification event started, but no discount on anything.

Ass they said earlier - exit for 15 minutes to close “session”. I’mt rying to do so :slight_smile:

re-entered, still not :slightly_frowning_face:

maybe we will get another event to say sorry for issues during the event to say sorry for recent issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck! only now I got equal 24h to dig

Although I was in game all that time. lost more than 1 hour :((((

I love the reduced price of BS slots.

Unfortunally it seems that gems spend TODAY on Bs slots and inventory slots do not count towards the “Earn 10.000 pearls” quest (the one with the 3500 gems reward).

Was this supposed to happen ?


edit: false alarm. Left the game for a bit and the quest updated.

Sigh. Why do players think 2x Experience is a good thing?

While levelling your hero DOES make attacking easier, it also makes your base worth more skulls during war seasons: so increasing you hero level twice as fast, BUT NOT increasing you defensive strength twice as fast means you’ll find that you’ll get hit heavily during war seasons (because your base is worth a lot of skulls but does not have an equivalent-to-skull-return defense).

How do I know this? I’ve ALWAYS had this problem (turns out levelling up your hero is easy, but getting those defenses levelled up takes FOREVER). (For completeness: I have avoided +XP gear… because I realised very early that levelling up my hero quickly would work against me).





And  :wink: on the Alliance Tower and Blacksmith Slot discounts. Noobs pay attention: if you want to help your alliance by spending gems, the best way is to upgrade your alliance tower; if you want to improve your troops/spells/defenses by spending gems, the best way is to get ALL those Blacksmith Slots… you’ll need TONNES of pearls to forge troops/spells/defenses (and you should be forging things you plan to use when you’re Level 100 as soon as you can).